Adrenaline Group

You bought burning tours and went with friends on a tour of Uzbekistan. Have studied all the interesting buildings and stuff. We visited places where important events for the whole world happened. And it’s time to go home. But all the same, no matter how hard you tried, is it not enough to throw out all the thoughts that do not give rest to the man of our time. In this frenzied rhythm of life, sometimes you want to tear yourself away from reality and rethink something for yourself. In the capital you will be helped. True. It’s not for nothing that psychologists, writers, designers, and even props once settled on this issue. Want another reality? It’s for you. This is the “ADRENALINE GROUP”. This is a union of professionals, who decided to pull you out of everyday life and give you the chance to come off completely. For this, it is not necessary to have power. After all, in the first place, this is a discharge for the brain. The main thing is attention and logic. Here you can become a participant in the acute plot “Die, evil”, escape from prison, save the planet, get into a psychiatric hospital. All this can be done with Adrenaline Group. True, the plot depends on the age limit. “Die, die evil” – from 18 and above. For younger children, only with written consent and accompanied by adults. Of course, before entering another reality, it is worth knowing several laws of foreign territory. No alcohol or cigarettes. All communication technology will remain in our reality. The hosts of the other world will meet you only if you are really ready for it. The main thing is not to be late.