Restaurant “Doston House”

The building of the restaurant “Doston House”, built in the XIX century, is the personification of the architectural era of the time: expressive mosaic niches in the walls, the national Bukhara painting, classic ganch (stucco).


“Doston House” is rather a guest house where you are welcomed by hospitable hosts and offered a plunge into the everyday life of Bukhara family. Here, under classical national melodies any visitor can feel like a full-fledged member of the family.


The menu in the national house seems to have no boundaries. Bukhara pilaf, dolma, shurpa, samosa, vegetable salads, fresh fruits, traditional sweets, Bukhara wine, pastry and much more will impress the most demanding gourmets.


Diners can often take part in a master class on making samosas and pilaf at the restaurant summer ground. By the way, almost all the hot dishes are prepared in the fire, so they have a special aroma and taste. You can trace the birth of the golden cake. For this is there is a large clay oven – tandyr in the courtyard. At the request of guests the restaurant owners can arrange a show of a folk ensemble, which will cost just US $ 35, regardless of the number of people.


Meals prepared according to all the national customs, the ancient building, the genuine interior, a folklore show – all here show and tell the distinctive life of Bukhara.


“Doston House” is one of the best places of Bukhara, where you can get very tasty food!


Address: K. Kalon Str. 5, Bukhara