What must always be remembered by tourists in Georgia?

Going always necessary to specify the language in which you will have to communicate it to another country. Speaking of Georgia, the only official language is Georgian, but a large part of the population understands and speaks Russian. Foreign tourists can also use the English language, which is owned by the sellers of large stores and the administration of many tourist complexes.


Be sure to check the availability of the necessary documents


Citizens of many countries wishing to visit Georgia, must necessarily obtain a tourist visa. In order to obtain it is necessary to apply to the diplomatic representation of Georgia, located in Tashkent. It will tell you what information and documents you need to prepare.


Choose a reliable suitcase


Traveling to Georgia, always keep in view their personal belongings and luggage. Remember that saving on the strength of the lock your bags may leave you sideways.Also do not forget a few simple rules that will significantly reduce the risk of conflict or state of emergency:

  • Apply Asha name and contact information inside and outside of each piece of baggage in ashego. This will help to quickly find him in case of loss;
  • H and at what circumstances n e leave their things at places great accumulations of people without supervision;
  • Money, documents, credit cards and valuables always carry with you;
  • Do not trust your luggage unfamiliar persons;
  • When you check into a hotel will need to pay the administrator documents identity personality for registration temporal registration. In compulsory order of at lastday his stay at Georgia independently contact to administrator for of receipt his passport. In Otherwise case s at risk to remain without a no go;
  • Prefer bag e from lengthened belt;
  • For long trips better to choose a backpack.


Photographing in Georgia can not all


As in any other country in Georgia, there are certain limitations in terms of photographing objects. For example, most of the monuments of architecture and culture can be photographed completely free, but there are a few exceptions. For example, some Orthodox church to photograph is strictly prohibited. Also, the following facilities have come under the ban:

  • The objects of the railway infrastructure;
  • Airports and air infrastructure;
  • Military facilities;
  • Metro Stations.


All necessary information can be obtained directly from the guide. If you are traveling independently, the necessary information is always available from the administration.


Always be careful


Georgia – a country of contrasts present, so you always need to be very careful. Remember, buying souvenirs in Georgia – a real art. Here almost every corner you can find artisans or traders offering to buy all kinds of paintings, crafts, knives and so on. It should be remembered that there are often found fake. Therefore, if you decide to buy an expensive original souvenir, it will be better to contact the specialty store.



Vigilance must be exercised and discharged from a hotel room. Despite the fact that you have paid for your stay at the hotel, when to buy a tourist ticket, is not superfluous to clarify the administrator need additional payments. As a rule, the Georgian hotels have some paid additional services, the value of which is already a tourist learns only during the time of departure.