Travel Georgia: the peculiarities of national transport

Transport infrastructure has always been a reliable support for the economy, as well as an effective way to quickly transport people to a place of rest. Especially high quality transport service is relevant for a country seeking to increase revenue from the tourism sector.


The country presents different types of transport


Intercity trains in Georgia based on taxis, buses and trains. As a rule, most of all minibuses can be found in the vicinity of the municipal market or at the station. Most cabbies strogoq works in relation to the actual passenger traffic. This means that the car will go in flight only when all the seats in the cabin will be occupied. That is why the journey is best to go early in the morning or in the evening. Traveling during the day, you risk in general will not go away or is too long to wait for the departure.


Taxi the route is indicated on the windshield in the Georgian language, so it is wise to ask the driver to put you in the right minibus.


If you do not want to waste my time and money, you can choose rail. The developed network of railroads allows relatively quick access to any corner of the country at a very affordable price. speed fans may prefer the plane that will take you forty minutes in the port capital of Georgia – Batumi. It is worth noting that the cost of the air ticket remains truly astronomical for the locals.


Tbilisi Municipal Transport


The Georgian capital of a few decades ago could boast of having all kind of electric ground transportation, but over time, trolley buses and trams left the urban transport scene. Today, residents of Tbilisi and guests have the opportunity to choose from:

  • Taxi;
  • Metropolitan;
  • private or public taxi;
  • Buses.


When choosing a taxi, you must remember that the count is only a small number of machines. That is why the final cost of travel should be prescribed even before boarding the taxi, many of them working illegally.