Travel across areas of Georgia: Samegrelo

Presented region of the country is divided into southern and northern parts, where you can meet many lowland and subtropical climate. The northern part of the region, situated between the rivers Tskhenis-Tskali Inguri and is protected by numerous vagaries of nature using Egrisi ridge. Therefore, if you are ready to choose the last minute tours to Georgia, you know that cold you will not be here. If the winter is practically the English climate, the summer to fully feel yourself in this bath. Long-term observations show that for a hundred years, the thermometer dropped below zero only 10 times.


The natural features of the region


Environmental testing sent by nature, have become commonplace for locals, but the flora such endurance is no different. For example, citrus plantations, which have become customary complement many Georgian landscapes, there is almost not grow:

  • Lack of rainfall;
  • Poor quality of the soil;
  • Significant changes in temperature and so on.


Because of the relatively small amount of precipitation, most of the rivers are not fed by groundwater and rain. To the list of the most important rivers in the region are:

  • Hobie;
  • Tsivi;
  • Tekhura;
  • Abashev.


Once a year, above the river still change their direction, but this is due to significant melting of snow at the source reservoirs.


Agricultural characteristics of the region


Despite the really tough conditions agriculture, authorities are doing everything possible for the development of these lands. In this regard, a logical parallel can be drawn with Uzbekistan, where the natural conditions are also not optimal for agriculture. Despite this, the government is actively pursuing a policy of intensification of agricultural production. That is why tourism in Uzbekistan, reviews which talk about the great popularity of rural recreation, pushing Georgian regions to develop this direction.


Today Megrelia takes last position in terms of the production of a variety of food and industrial crops:

  • Tung;
  • Citrus;
  • Figs;
  • Vegetables;
  • Persimmon;
  • Cereals;
  • Oil;
  • Garnet;
  • Tea and so on.


Speaking of tea, it is worth noting that the average yield here can reach up to six thousand kilograms per hectare. The strong performance is demonstrated and various crops, such as corn. Therefore, any tour operator in Georgia confidently tell you that you can always enjoy a tasty and healthy food.


Urban features of the region


Active development of the region, which took place in the past few decades, have made Samegrelo one of the most comfortable seats in Georgia. Do not idle and the tourism industry. Discovered here geothermal, all kinds of ancient artifacts, and so on continually attract tourists from all over the country. Social and cultural center of the region is the city of Zugdidi, where more than thirty-five thousand people.


The active development of the region contributed to the presence here of major power generating capacity to allow local producers did not experience a shortage of inexpensive energy. For 15 years it has been opened a lot of factories, processing plants, and so on.