The history of the development of Georgian Kakheti

Numerous archaeological expedition, engaged in the study of this area of ​​the country, were able to establish many interesting facts. The first settlement here dates back to the fifth century AD. On quite inaccessible slopes of the first people they founded a settlement, sheltered from enemies by nature. Powerful enough to help people become a fertile ground which allows you to effortlessly grow some food crops.


Kakheti formed a variety of factors


With the development of scientific thought were forced locals to do the active construction of fortifications. Already you can no longer rely solely on the surrounding forest or cliffs. That is why the primitive settlers began to actively build a castle, the ruins of which can be here today and to discover. It is important that local authorities are doing a lot for their preservation and popularization among the citizens and guests of the country. For example, a tour operator in Georgia is ready to organize a thematic journey through places of historical fame.


After visiting the local museum, you can learn many interesting facts of life. Despite the meager arsenal sufficient locals Kakhetians many times reflecting the attacks of even the fiercest invaders. The constant risk of attack made Kakhetians choose new place for settlement, based on the need to take care of their own security. Do not forget at the same time local people and the need to grow crops and raise cattle.


Many last minute tours to Kakheti allow tourists to fully enjoy the unique historical landscape. Almost every corner is strewn with numerous artifacts, objects were, not to mention the remains of various fortifications.


The turning point in the history of Kakheti


Risk of constant attacks by nomads passed only from the date of occurrence of Kakheti to the Russian Empire. Since then, there has been active development of agriculture, animal husbandry, as well as the production of grapes. Thanks to the latter, according to estimates of national and international historians, Kakheti and gained its popularity. The most famous vineyards are located in two regions of Kakheti:

  • Gombori Ridge;
  • Alazani Valley .


These regions are literally been created for the production of their unique flavor and taste wines that have become Georgia real business cards. In the coastal regions of Kakheti you can find a variety of representatives of the plant world, thrive on different types of fertile soil:

  • Alluvial meadow;
  • Carbonate;
  • Black Earth;
  • Brown fields and so on.


Winemaking here is not confined to large enterprises of different ownership, but also ordinary people. Many private homes can be found housed in the basement of the winery, called Marani. In a special room near the neck on the same land buried in containers filled with wine. The hottest day of the warm Georgians are happy to accept guests in his small winery. Especially popular in Kakheti are numerous orchards where grow different fruits. Annually vitamins export brings considerable profit to the treasury.


Bet on “green” production unites Georgia and Uzbekistan, where many industries are closely connected with the gifts of nature. That is why, vacation in Uzbekistanand Georgia will fully enjoy the delicious gifts of nature.