Tbilisi: Relationship with Georgia and Tbilisi attractions

Many tourists who come to Tbilisi, already have in mind a specific list of sites that they’d like to visit. In this list you can select museums, art galleries, exhibitions, shops and so on. As a rule, most of the list was drawn up on the basis of the information found on the Internet, so any tour operator in Georgia will recommend to spend a little more time to update all the data collected.


Numerous metropolitan museums of the Georgian capital


Fans trips to museums and those who are such do not classify themselves, will be able to really enjoy the Tbilisi museums. The authorities have spent a lot of money to ensure that the country’s citizens and guests really enjoyed not only exposure, but also a way of presenting the information in the following museums and galleries:

  • National Archaeological Museum;
  • Georgia Numismatic Museum;
  • National Gallery of Art;
  • Georgian Museum of dolls;
  • State Ethnographic Museum, located on the Turtle Lake;
  • Museum of folk art.


Religious buildings Tbilisi


Many tourists choosing hot tours in Tbilisi , admit that they are planning to visit local temples and churches, which is really a lot here. According to rough estimates, even a cursory examination of them all will take you more than a day. To the list of the most famous cathedrals and churches in Tbilisi include:

  • Cathedral of the Holy Trinity;
  • Church Metekhi;
  • Anchiskhati;
  • Church Dzhvarismama;
  • Cathedral Zemo Betlemi;
  • Church Kvashveti;
  • Fortress Narikala;
  • Cathedral Church of St. Peter and Paul.


Age almost all of these churches is calculated for centuries, but in spite of this, all these monuments are in good condition. Close to many of them located observation platform offering stunning heart of any human view of the city.