Tbilisi glass bridge Peace

The Georgian capital can be proud of not only ancient monuments, but also many modern buildings. One of the most revered architectural masterpieces Tbilisi Bridge of Peace is made ​​of glass. This construction connects the modern and the old part of Tbilisi, allowing tourists and numerous visitors to the city enjoy a magnificent view.

The length of the bridge, the construction of which is in the form of waves, is about 160 meters. The main architect of this unusual project was chosen by Michelle de Lucchi and assistant – Philippe Martineau, famous for its lighting projects. As a result of the joint work the city has received a truly unique architectural construction. The bridge, with more than thirty thousand spans, has an enchanting night illumination.

Nowadays, not everyone will be surprised to learn that any structure has a night light. Feature lighting system installed here is the ability to adapt. “Smart” lighting system installed on the bridge parapets, using Morse code. With this every 60 minutes it is capable of displaying an element of the periodic table, present in every human body.

The world bridge there is another important goal – to show that all men are truly united.