Georgian Museum of Ethnography

The greatest demand for the tourists have always enjoyed the museum complex, where you can really explore the exhibits. For example, not through imposing glass and railing, and just touched with his own hands. Thus knowledge and advocates an open-air temple, located in Vake Park in Turtle Lake area.

For the first time such an unusual museum was created in the country

The founder of the museum, waiting for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, was the famous historian and ethnographer George Reading. Initially, he decided to build a truly unique museum complex, capable in an exciting direction to tell visitors about the ethnographic wealth of the country. In principle, in a small area it is Georgia layout reproduced in small layouts.

Walking through the museum, my eyes are opened numerous outbuildings, traditional Georgian houses from different parts of the country, home furnishings and household, numerous implements. Do not be bored even for children, who will learn about the diversity of this rich country.

Enjoy the leisure and truly mild climate, differentiates these places from a variety of others. Even in the hot sultry you will not experience discomfort due to the museum is located near the lake.