Georgia: where to stay?

Georgia hotel complex, which has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the era of socialism, today is in deep desolation. Many sanatoriums and rest homes, shone with the beauty in those years, today became a living illustration of the effects of a deep economic crisis. Lack of funding and attention by local authorities have led many resorts and sanatoriums in desolation.


Even more fuel to the fire poured the numerous armed conflicts that generate large numbers of refugees. Local authorities place them in the remaining hotels and sanatoriums. That is why the country is experiencing an acute shortage of places for leisure travelers. In Tbilisi you can find premium-class hotels, but the cost of living there like it is not everything. Also, do not think that hostels could be the salvation. And there, too, the rate remains above the quality of services provided.


Prefer must be old hotel complexes


The lack of drinking water, broken light bulbs and even cockroaches – it is only a partial list of what you can expect in Georgian hotels competing for a high class of service. At the same time there are in Georgia and the positive examples of how old houses, rest are in perfect condition. The cost of living here varies from fifteen to twenty dollars. Most of these hotels can be found in the following localities:

  • Tbilisi;
  • Bakuriani;
  • Gudauri;
  • Borjomi;
  • Batumi;
  • Kobuleti.


If you belong to a number of fans of the countryside, it is best to seek high-quality hotels in Batumi, Kobuleti and Poti. The price range is much lower than in a traditional hotel complexes. It is mandatory for reservations specify the degree of reliability of water and electricity. You should always remember that light and water in Georgia served by the hour. You can use the stand-alone water heating system and the supply of light, but they are not everywhere.