Features of Georgian Hotel

Most hotels in the country are characterized by their “3-star level.” However, many offer the opportunity to swim in the pool, sunbathe on the beach and so on. For that kind of pleasure will have to pay quite a lot. It is worth noting that the cost of living in neighboring countries is significantly higher.


Going to the beach, remember that most of them are no different accomplishment. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy pristine scenery, but it will have to pay for the inability to enter into the water during a storm in the three points. Unimproved beach can cause serious injury or even irreparable tragedy if a person dares to swim during a storm. You must also pay attention to the hygiene of the many beaches that have long suffered from the lack of attention paid to them by the janitors. The lack of adequate financial support from the government health centers has led to neglect of many once popular beaches. A pleasant exception to this list are the beaches located in Abkhazia and Adjara.