Transport of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, which used to be one of the links of the Great Silk Road, still captures the attention of tourists. Unique sights and incredible beauty of natural landscapes can be found in every corner of Azerbaijan. To feel all the charm of local beauties, it is enough just to fly by Uzbek airlines, or another airline that you like to you, to Baku. To reach any city does not present any complexity, you are always ready to drive buses, it is cheerful to take a minibus to quickly take a taxi.

To do this, you need to find a bus station, he, as a rule, is located near the city market. From the bus station buses are sent according to the schedule, which, of course, it is better to specify in advance. If you choose a fixed-route taxi, prepare for a light waiting for the departure, because this mode of transport leaves the station as passengers are recruited. It is worth traveling around the same way. You can also travel between cities by taxi, but here the fare will depend only on how much the passenger knows how to bargain.

In addition, in some hotels in Azerbaijan, you can arrange for a bus to be sent to the station or airport for you, among other travelers, but such details are usually found when booking the room.

By city transport in Azerbaijan are shuttle buses that run around the clock, you can also go down to the underground, working until one o’clock in the morning. Taxi is the most convenient mode of transport, because it is available round the clock, but here it is necessary to take into account, first of all, that the fare must always be stipulated in advance. Please note that the average rate in the city is 3-8 USD. This is a reasonable fee for similar services in this part of the world.