In the country, banks exchange currency and exchange points at a rate with a slight difference. There are currency points all over Baku and major cities of Azerbaijan. In any hotel, shopping center or a large supermarket, they are favorably treated with bank cards. Small local shops take payment in cash. Banking machines in the cities work around the clock. You can find them in banks. In the hotels of Azerbaijan there is a significant difference in the exchange. ATMs withdraw cash from Azerbaijan and US dollars.


The question of tips is not ordinary. Usually the tips in the account are inscribed. This is approximately 5% of the amount of the order or service. On their own add 10%, if there is no service center in the account. The porter at the airport, at the hotel will take 3-5 AZN. Passage in a taxi should be agreed in advance and negotiate the cost, as taxi drivers do not give a tip. The currency is changed in accordance with the estimated costs and it is desirable to have small denominations of banknotes in sufficient quantity.