Azerbaijan Youth Theater

At the beginning of the 20th century a small circle of pioneers, fascinated by the theater, staged the play “Fortune”. With this view, it is customary to keep a record of the history of the Azerbaijani Youth Theater. On the happiness of young actors on the performance was attended by the famous artist Sidgi Ruhulla, who appreciated the talent and passion of performers. He helped the troupe with the advice and support to get the official status and organize a real children’s theater. Soon the theater received the status of the state, then the Russian department was created, followed by the Azerbaijani one. The first works that young talents put on, mostly belonged to the pen of Azerbaijani authors. But in addition to modern plays, viewers were shown classical fairy-tale works, such as “Mowgli” and “Humpbacked Horse”. In 1940, the theater went with the first “adult” tour to the capital, where he performed at the All-Union show of the Young Spectators. This is also mentioned by the tour operators of Azerbaijan.

Even during the Great Patriotic War, the theater did not stop putting on performances and delighting its viewers. Moreover, the theater even went on tour. And after the end of hostilities the theater was able to move to a new building. In the repertoire, in addition to the fairy tales and works of Azerbaijani authors, the works of Ostrovsky, Mikhalkov and Rozov appeared. More adult and difficult to comprehend the work were quite up to the troupe of the Youth Theater. On the stage were also the works of Russian classics, and Azerbaijani literary masterpieces, and world-famous playwrights such as Moliere, Schiller and Goldoni. The real long-livers of the stage were “There was not a penny, but suddenly Altyn”, which celebrated its 13th anniversary on stage, and “Haji Gamber”, which viewers could see as many as 500 times.

The repertoire of the theater is still pleased with its audience, about 10 new performances a year appear on the stage. A couple of years ago a small stage opened, the hall of which is designed for 45 people. The performances are not only from Baku, but also from Russia, Europe, Uzbekistan, ticket prices are low, and the performances are excellent.

The theater has long overstepped the level of the children’s amateur theater and its performances pleases not only the “home” audience, but also the discerning spectators of theatrical festivals.