In 2010 came the first restaurants that are included in the well-known network of «Wasabi» in the vast Armenian capital. Here you can arrange a real evening in an elegant Japanese style. Literally, all create an elegant and discreet atmosphere, typical of institutions of the country of the Rising Sun. If you are not an avid fan of Japanese cuisine, or you are accompanied by a sweet child that from rice and seafood are not happy, do not worry – in the restaurant and have wonderful masterpieces of European cuisine. So Armenian tour operators believe that the restaurant will be able to access all family members, young and old.


And the charm of Japanese culture is felt not only in buildings, but also in the external design. By the main door are refined step by which is equipped a small swimming pool. In the clear waters gracefully waving tails magnificent koi carp lazily moving bright shades. It seems that the entire interior is woven from different characters, you have them only to be able to see and read. Although it will be difficult without the knowledge of the Japanese culture and without of this language, to comprehend all the charm of tips. For example, on the door handle, the sensitive visitor will be able to feel a certain roughness. This character for “sushi”. That’s the second witness of what you have got is a Japanese restaurant. Not sushami uniform is fed and happy guests in this restaurant.


There are dishes from tuna, salmon constant, exotic multi-legged squid and octopus, as well as succulent eel. Sashimi, rolls, various soups, spicy and not much rice as a side dish, or as a separate dish, sushi, and of course, the obligatory burning of almost any element of Japanese cuisine – wasabi. And for those who do not set up to explore the Japanese cuisine, offering pampered pizza and other European dishes. The restaurant has two floors and offers summer guests to enjoy any vending specialties at the outdoor cafe in the open air. Especially local regulars like to sit on the second floor. All the space is made in a restrained and laconic Japanese style. A table where the meal will take place, is a lot of aquariums, of which curious and fun you will start small, nimble fish.


If you are planning to organize here a little celebration, celebrate a birthday or just sit quietly his campaign, far away from the rest of the visitors, just order a private room for up to half a dozen people. The table is ordered, even if you think you just sit modest company of a pair of people – the restaurant is quite popular. You can ask for it at the reception of the hotel workers of Armenia, where you left off.


Decorate your meal you can and some delicious cocktail, a glass of wine or a glass of cold beer, if the soul is, of course, does not crave something stronger. Alcoholic fluids you do not like, you can accompany the delicious juice, fruit or milkshake, or a fragrant tea (and here is the number of varieties, it’s easy to get lost: black, green, white and red). A perfect complement to the evening will be a hookah. So that nothing tore guests from eating the wonderful dishes and did not prevent a friendly conversation in the restaurant all the time sounds quiet and calm music. It perfectly serves as a pleasant background, but not distracting and annoying.


If you want to taste the delights of the Japanese, but to go to a restaurant you do not have power, simply order your food directly to your home or hotel in Armenia, where you live.


The restaurant is ready to entertain you and breakfast and late dinner, opening at ten in the morning, and closing its doors just two in the morning.




Tsitsernakaberd Highway 3

+ (374) 60 46 16 46


Mashtots Avenue 5

+ (374) 60 58 11 11

+ (374) 60 58 11 13


Str. Abovyan 1/3

+ (374) 77 59 00 59

+ (374) 10 56 54 22

+ (374) 11 56 54 22