State Museum of History of Armenia

Beautiful building of a harmonious, elegant refinement of the architectural ensemble of the Republic Square, which undoubtedly is the heart of the capital of Armenia, is the State Museum of History of Armenia. Founded in the twenties of the last century, it is almost a hundred years of its existence, was able to collect in the walls of a huge number of items that prescribe a bright and detailed picture of the existence of the Armenian people for centuries. The museum’s collection is amazing for its variety and value – in these walls is nearly half a million objects (or rather, four hundred thousand). The museum is located near the most luxurious hotels in Armenia.


This museum is really amazing treasure trove, which is just a few minutes brings visitors to the misty past, drawing amazing web of life of ancient people.Kaleidoscope halls and exhibits the museum draws history of development and formation of the peoples who lived in this land, raids by waves of conquerors, transforming the peaceful cultivators only to their new shaft absorbed peoples Yearner fertility of the land.


The collection – the rich not only in Yerevan, but also in the whole of Armenia. It was brought here found during expeditions new artifacts, scrutinize them and lovingly spread in the appropriate room. During the creation of the museum’s collection were joined here exhibits from various collections, which belonged to the community of ethnographers of Armenia, Nakhijevan Museum, Echmiadzin collection of ancient manuscripts and Ani museum. The museum necessarily included in the program a detailed tour of Armenia.


All exhibits are divided into several categories: the objects found during archaeological research, coins, ancient manuscripts and tomes, as well as objects that are important in ethnographic research.


Museum enriches its collection not only due to archaeological findings, the management often acquire new interesting and valuable items, some artifacts were presented as a gift.


The museum’s collection – it’s not just a chronicle of historical events, which covers a huge amount of time, since human erectus era until the present day. It also explores the various forms of cooperation, mainly cultural between the tribes who lived on the territory of modern Armenia and its neighbors from Assyria, Egypt, Persia, Rome, Iran, Byzantium, and so forth. Here you can see the unique items, which belong to the ancient culture of the era Bronze Age. Tools, weapons, jewelry, and household items – such a meeting is unlikely to see anywhere else. Earth’s neighborhood biblical Mount Ararat, some scientists have called one of the cradles of civilization – and the treasures stored in the museum, only confirms this. There are a lot of things, telling us interesting and full of bright ups as well as downs, the history of the ancient kingdom of Urartu. The collection includes tablets with cuneiform writing, famous obelisk, signaling the beginning of construction of Erebuni, elegant statuettes in bronze, ceramics, weapons, decorated with ornate engraving, gold and silver ornaments, as well as the amazing beauty of the product, from carved bone. Many of these subjects are studied and deciphered so far as the people of Urartu opened only a fraction of their secrets.


In one of the halls exhibited various wooden carts and all kinds of products, mainly very small, made ​​of bronze. All these artifacts were found in the settlement Lchashen, during the excavations there.


It also stores and unique numismatic collection. All banknotes ever had circulated in the country, including those relating to such antiquity as Artashesids kingdom, exhibited in the display windows of shining cubes.


In the museum you can see the ancient statues found during archaeological research in Garni, as well as many other valuable exhibits, which tell about the wonderful beliefs and distinctive culture of the Armenian Christian who did not know. While there are, of course, and the more modern stuff, but it was as usual, increasing the curiosity of the visitors usually cause mysterious and fragile items, which are kept in the hands of unknown people a couple of millennia ago.


In addition to the coins and objects are stored unique tomes and ancient manuscripts. Some written artifacts exist at all in a single copy, and therefore of great value. One of the most striking exhibits of the museum’s collection – this is the first printed work, which appeared in Armenia, the so-called “Friday Book” (Urbatagirk). It was printed in a printing house, situated in Venice. Such institutions in Armenia were not in those days. The book came into being back in 1512. Tour Operators of Armenia recommend this attraction to people who are interested in cultural and historical values.


To find a museum need only be on the Republic Square. It is located in the house at number four. Find out if there is any change, as well as some temporary exhibitions worth a visit, please call 582 761 or 56 53 22. The museum is open every day except Sunday and Monday, and opens its doors at 11 am to close them at 6pm. This interesting collection and you will not see during the holiday in Uzbekistan.