Sanatorium “Armenia” in Jermuk

Can be found on the picturesque open spaces of the charming resort town of Jermuk not only healing springs, wonderful restaurants, but also the best resorts and Armenia hotels . Tour Operators of Armenia advised before traveling here to decide what is in the forefront of your journey: a pastime or treatment. All this applies to most of the institutions involved in the hospitality here, except one – “Armenia” sanatorium. This is both a recreational facility and a luxury hotel, as the owners are sure to improve your beloved health can only be in exceptionally luxurious establishment when taking care of the mortal body is not only effective, but comfortable.


Medical treatment is not only famous for its rich traditions, but also the ability to introduce new methods and technologies, and using only the best and high quality equipment.


“Armenia” occupies an amazingly beautiful building built in the classical style, with exterior decoration typical of the architectural structures in the region. Elegant dark gray facade promises amazing luxury interior design, and expectations, of course, justified. Gala marble foyer shining Blanker rifts stages and millions of lights an impressive crystal chandelier, large panoramic windows, spacious rooms, harmoniously and tastefully furnished, and the splendor of the hall of the restaurant, the main decoration of which still remain dishes served here – from all of this is the charm of this place .


Excellent medical treatment base offers amazing and well thought-out infrastructure of hotels and a great staff with great enthusiasm and imagination organize your leisure, from the time spent by travelers in the walls of the Armenian hotel and ending with a rich program of various stages in Armenia and the outskirts of Jermuk.


The surrounding park, magnificently framing elegant hotel building walkways and spacious avenues, brings peace and offers a long leisurely walk in the canopy of trees. All guests here sets up on a calm and placid way – stunning mountain scenery, magnificent natural decor, soft, granting climate health and a surprising silence, wraps you in a soft cocoon that protects from all anxieties and troubles.


Hotel “Armenia”, as well as the country in which it is ready to accept guests all year round though. Within these walls can simultaneously knead about one hundred and twenty people. The chambers of the hotels of Armenia are on a different number of people, as well as offer any dwelling comfort. Common rooms – one-room, where a large audience is both a bedroom and living room, offering guests a wide stretch freely on a soft bed, and cozy to curl up on the couch watching TV. There are luxury apartments, where a bedroom and living room, two separate two separate rooms. In these quarters you can find two bathrooms, so that in addition to a larger area, it can offer accommodation family of three. However, a large campaign or parents with a few older children will be more comfortable in the family mansion – two standard rooms connected by an internal door. What would not you have chosen a class quarters, everywhere is bound to be a TV in addition to the Armenian broadcasts, showing satellite channels, mini-bar, as well as access to the World Wide Web via a wireless network. The bathroom has a modern shower and hair dryer necessarily care unruly hair.


Before you choose a suitable rehabilitation program should look into a well-equipped medical center. You can pass various tests to help detect the presence of problems. This method of ultrasound and electrocardiogram, advanced endoscopic examinations, as well as the owner of all necessary drugs and equipment laboratory conducting various analyzes of blood and other biological materials.


On the basis of all the tests of clinic specialists will be able to assign the appropriate treatment. It will necessarily include a bath with different mineral water, the same water intake inside. Irrigation various internal organs with the help of life-giving water. In addition, there is a pearl and galvanic bath (consisting of four cameras).Using water and it is carried out and the various parts of the body massage, the total who indulge all mortal shell, to massage the gums, for example. Can assign different types of Charcot shower. Remarkable effects on respiration and body condition generally have oxygen cocktails and inhalation (in solution using the same mineral water, herbs and medicines). Good effect on the overall tone and different types of physical therapy – this room is equipped with professional teachers. The “Armenia” specialize on the following ailments: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the problems related to the liver, female ailments, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, or nervous disorders and in metabolism, manifested in diabetes, gout and obesity.


Guests can swim with pleasure in a huge indoor swimming pool.


The restaurant is open at the hotel, serving not only diet meals appropriate for your treatment program, but other dishes cooked in the fire, and with the addition of herbs, if you doctor is not forbidden. The accommodation includes three meals per day, shall be in the form of a buffet. In the cozy bar you can bring happiness not only coffee, but something stronger from the list of local delicious drinks.


Rest in the sanatorium is not included in the program of cheap tours but here often stop travelers from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan – price for services combined with excellent quality can only be happy.