Resort “Arzni”

If you drive north of the capital Yerevan kilometers twenties, you’ll find a surprisingly peaceful and quiet place. It’s called Arzni, and for centuries attracts true fans of natural beauty. As well as those who travel seeking not only a joy for the soul, but also seeks to strengthen or restore the health of the mortal body. Arzni is amazing for its natural charm. Here the gorge through which punches its way mountain river Hrazdan, opens its emerald embrace covered with velvet slopes forest, happily basking in the cheerful sun, and then again frowns sheer black cliffs, turning into a narrow canyon and making Hrazdan rage, splash and beat crystal clear water in a white foam. Arzni is located in the mountains, at an altitude quite comfortable in almost thirteen tens of meters. There are almost always kept remarkably clear weather, which is why the resort can boast of so many sunny days, which did not dream city on the Black Sea coast or even other places of leisure and treatment in the Caucasus. The air is remarkably clean, and it is in Arzni understand that the phrase “do not breathe, and drink the fresh mountain breeze” is not a metaphor. In general, there seemed to nature creates ideal conditions for human habitation – atmospheric pressure never changes is normal, UV regularly indulges the skin, and it does not burn, and the amount of oxygen is intoxicating. Such beauty can be found just while relaxing in Uzbekistan. But the main pride of Arzni, which previously attracted and attracts a lot of vacationers are now – it is water sources. All these factors combine to create an ideal environment for healing problems associated with increasing pressure, help to get rid of a number of women’s ailments, reduced liver, biliary tract clean and beneficial effect on atherosclerotic cardio. . So the possibility of water and nature is simply unique Tour Operators of Armenia Arzni recommend those travelers who primarily want to return the vigor and health of the mortal body – no ordinary Armenian hotels here, and travelers looking for entertainment there is nothing to do.


The fame of Arzni sources originated in the distant, lost in the haze of the centuries, the times. To drink the living water here come the travelers not only from the surrounding villages, but also from distant countries. No wonder at the source of the bottom set of coins was found, minted in various countries and belonging to different periods of time. Then, of course, about any hospitals out of the question. The water was just drunk, or recruited for ablutions, hoping for its life-giving force. And considering the fact that the flow of wanting to touch and miracle sip not faded, even so she has brought substantial relief to those who suffer. People used it from all ailments that are found at. In the days of Bishop Mesrop Smbatyan it was considered the best cure for scabies, which he happily told the world. Above key even erected a stone cross, so that people turned to the healing power of mineral water with the blessing of the church. In the annals of Arzni name was first mentioned in the fifteenth century, but serious research then no one did not carry out, and are interested in medicine luminaries mineral water only in the nineteenth century, when this part of Armenia joined the Russian Empire.


The first drew attention to the well-known sources of General Paskevich, who had just received the keys of Yerevan. Tormented by curiosity and thirst for knowledge, he commanded to dial several samples of water miracle and send them to the examination, which would have identified the chemical composition of the fluid. The result was more than encouraging, but it took almost another hundred years before the springs have been used for medical purposes and officially with the approval of the state. Mid-twenties of the last century was marked by the start of construction in many cities of Armenia. At this time, the first building of the sanatorium were laid here. The uniqueness of the project was the fact that in Arzni was no large settlement, but because the new buildings sprang up almost out of the woods, and had to create even the entire infrastructure needed for the operation of the resort. So that after the construction of the first phase of buildings, taking the improvement of the surrounding areas.


By the mid-thirties Arzni included in the list of resorts of national significance. Residential buildings were reconstructed, and the medical and medical facilities are constantly replenished with new technological equipment, increased the services offered. The beneficial effects of the resort recognized by many leading experts in various fields of medicine, and recommended it for treatment. Today, the resort consists of hotel buildings, where stop vacationers building that houses Spa clinic, farm buildings and a huge park area. So the place is and remains quiet and calm, like many centuries ago. Therefore, coupled with modern facilities and wonderful natural conditions it creates an excellent base for treatment.


Beautiful landscapes that fill the days of summer holidaymakers in bright colors of green and rich aroma of flowers and captivating winter sparkling snow and crisp frosty silence, consistently supported the guests in a joyful mood. The main value of the resort, mineral water flows into the source of deep underground storage of fresh water located in the volcanic formations. Rising to the surface, saturates it useful substances, including carbon dioxide and various salts. It is they in the process of drinking have an impact on the internal organs. And taking baths promotes the release of carbon dioxide that affect other functions of the body. Tour in Armenia, with a stop in Arzni will apply to the category of health.


To go to the spa is only on prescription, as mineral water, its numerous medicinal properties, and has a number of contraindications. Also worth a responsible approach to the choice of leisure time – the resort differently affects the body throughout the year. Summer is preferable to select those who are suffering from diseases related to the cardiovascular system in the presence of stable compensation and autumn for those who suffer from erratic payment of the same system. Winter – the best time for those who are concerned about the state of neurotic (and with it the characteristic features of the excitation). In any case, consult with a specialist, and go to the Arzni Health and vivid impressions.