Lounge cafe “Ivy”

An exceptionally stylish and elegant place to stay in the capital of Armenia appeared several years ago. Moreover, thanks to the exquisite dishes, delicious drinks and unusually original design «Ivy» immediately liked Yerevan residents, who appreciate not only excellent food but also excellent design, where you can eat these dishes. So the table is to book well in advance, this will help workers of Armenia Hotel, where you live. These usually come not only to satisfy hunger quickly, so as to sit a couple of hours in a pleasant and unique atmosphere of the campaign. Ivy is divided into three smaller rooms, each decorated in a special and unique way. The white walls, some of which are decorated with colored or blank frames of different shapes and sizes, or contrasting prints, bright windows, depicting the life of the modern Yerevan, and the ceiling, lined with dark, straight beams, between which hang loosely drape his yellow piece of fabric. But perhaps the most surprising thing here – it’s furniture. It varies the texture, color and the most incredible forms. The main principle is a convenient eclecticism. Armenian tour operators recommend «Ivy» real aesthetes.


In «Ivy» serves dishes belonging to European cuisine. In addition to the traditional salads and quite a few types of pizza, there are also a couple of dishes, in the preparation of which a local chef uses unique, original recipes. And, of course, absolutely gorgeous desserts, for the preparation of which uses only fresh fruits and natural dairy products.


If your appetite has changed this time around, you can just drink something tasty. Fans fragrant and invigorating coffee flock to «Ivy» with the whole of the capital – the local drink recipe is a closely guarded secret, but the result is amazing. You are adept caffeine, so your tour of Armenia must include yourself and visit this place. So that no one was hurt – the bar and keep the wonderful collection of teas, and there is black and red, and white and green varieties. For those who would like to drink something stronger, there are cocktails, and the pure product, in the form of wine, liquor and beer.


The lounge cafe would be pleased to see you at least every day, starting at eleven in the morning. Facility terminates in the morning.



Tel .: (+374 10) 70 20 February

Mob .: (+374 99) 02 00 50

Address: RA, Yerevan, Northern Avenue 3/85