Karaoke club Arame

After a hearty lunch, which consisted of an entire change of delicious dishes, your soul takes place, and the heart flutters, and numerous songs crammed into his chest and torn out. Do not restrain myself, good, you’re in Armenia, a country of glorious traditions of table with their singing. This does not mean that the sonorous trills acapella should mark the finale of the meal and its departure from Yerevan each restaurant. This will undoubtedly impressive, but not always made clear. All the more so for the sweet songster there is a special institution where culinary excellence is closely intertwined with the music. That is, you have a tasty and varied the food, and then you proclaim the world about their happiness in a melodious manner. Yes, this game is unlikely to meet on your way during your holiday in Uzbekistan.


This restaurant «Arame», which opened recently, but has already earned a total love, generously offering not only all kinds of culinary excesses, but handing the microphone comers. In order to process the complexities of singing at the neophytes of the art did not produce, performances are held in a karaoke format. Tour Operators of Armenia advise this place to all the fans singing culture.


To give force to the future stars of the scene, they first offer a varied menu. Here there is a fresh, lush salads, and delicious juicy steaks that its delicate flavor awaken the true inspiration, and the creation of another musical nation – pizza. Moral supports will undoubtedly variety of drinks: tasty wine, full-bodied and softly delicate cognac and a full palette of rainbow cocktails. For those who are afraid of after all these excesses do not get into the music, offer all kinds of juices and water.


Restaurant space intelligently divided into two parts – the common room, where are all kinds of shows and always entertaining programs, and a separate room, where show their art to each other may be united campaign of more than thirty people. Coming here made the whole family, removing the VIP lounge for all sorts of festive occasions, or simply pampering yourself lunch or dinner without any reason.


And with the onset of the evening the audience perks up – singing exercises turn into a major creative competition. Talented leading skillfully and imaginatively inspire the audience to participate in various competitions and music contests. Do not feel the mood to participate in this friendly and full of fun cute party, do not worry, forced to give you the microphone and pull on the scene here, no one will. Wishing and so are more than enough. But Armenian tour for those who like to sing be sure to include in the program of this institution. The restaurant is very popular – be sure to ask the employees of the hotel Armenia, where you are staying, you book a table.


Aram works every day, opening its doors at four o’clock in the afternoon and closing only when the last clients meet to go home.



Tel .: (+ 374-60) 44 07 44

Mob .: (+ 374-98) 44 07 44

Address: RA, Yerevan, str. 2/1 Mkhitar Heratsi