Treatment in Jermuk

Jermuk – a real mountain water the earth. Here, everything sparkles with life-giving streams, bubbling playful rapids, streams and chirps roars sparkling waterfalls. The city lies on the picturesque banks of the river Arpi, and in it the way to sunlight pierce the cold and hot keys, with transparent crystal clear water. The exceptional properties of these sources were known in ancient times, here for the youth, beauty and health attendant came enlightened people in the first century BC. Moreover, the local land generously people, not only healing water, but also the magnificent scenery and an exceptional climate. Solar cool summers and snowy winters are mild, the rain, even in the quantities to create a resort ideally suited to moderate humidity – all this gives to the resort ideal for the treatment of conditions. That makes it an ideal place in Jermuk for treatment. If you are not concerned about any ailments, just relax, it is no less useful for health.   And resorts Jermuk reasonable use generously offered their good nature, and help improve the health of those in need. Local mineral water is able to heal all kinds of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, a beneficial effect on the female body, heals ailments related to the locomotor system, and provides exceptional impact on cleansing the liver and gall bladder. Moreover, treatment is carried out in spas all year round, and local Aesculapius always ready to create the perfect schedule procedures for any guest, even very busy and carve out just a week on vacation.  


Without this, no Jermuk Jermuk

If you are fated or Armenian tour operators have appeared on this delightful resort, be sure to perform two things. Without them, the rest in Jermuk will process unfinished.   First – make sure to try to infiltrate the local diplomatic club. In this regard, the city is a bit like Davos, Switzerland. Every year in January, then meet to have fun, and along the way, and the discussion of serious issues the diplomats of various countries of the world accredited by the Armenian authorities. Try on the role of aristocratic party rout, with a thoughtful and impregnable view sipping cognac-colored summer sunset and surrounded by serious people, dressed in business suits and diplomatic intrigue that could be fun.   Get drunk brandy among the crowd of diplomats failed? Get drunk mineral water – not so fun, but useful. Take how much luggage together, all be drunk. By the way, you can try to interfere with the local health cocktail – Armenian brandy and mineral water of Jermuk. The basic idea – is not to overdo it or will again straighten health. On the other hand, is a great reason to go back to the wonderful resort – the liver, if you remember, the local mineral water is also a doctor.