Jermuk – a resort and not a large hospital, and therefore in addition to recovery here is offered a variety of entertainment to help return the vigor and freshness of perishable shell.


Drinking gallery


This is a year-round entertainment. Choose your time of year to match and come in any weather, in order to taste. Drinking gallery located within walking distance from the building, “Jermuk Armenia” (the name is a health facility). This elegant building, which along one of the walls of the mysterious shimmer cranes with various drinking water. Each accompanied by an explanatory sign, and the sources themselves are located on the temperature principle: in the first water cooler and farther away, the higher rises sensitive thermometer.




If you are here in the winter, it is a sin not to entertain themselves riding on the slopes on skis, no or “board”. A variety of routes are small – skating here soon added bonus of spa procedures. There are two well-developed highway, one designed for inexperienced newcomers, the second drawn and quite decent swashbuckling explorers of the snowy slopes. Altitude difference – one in four hundred meters, and runs themselves differ only in the angle of inclination and the meter. Lift very reasonable prices. Not so confident in his desire to ride, you can not buy ski pass for the day, and a one-time ticket. Freeze will be difficult when riding. Firstly, there is almost no wind, and secondly, a cozy cafe opened directly on the slope. Here it is possible to return the body blissful heat by eating hot soup or drinking something intoxicating. For those who are not with the equipment seized, in the lower rack cable car is open rental. Feel free to come in and grab himself to become not only skiing and shoes, and even different in configuration and snap snowboards.