Holiday House “Wax Getak”

Armenia Earth abounds yet untouched mass tourism wave of charming corners where everything seems to enter into a dispute with the times, keeping the original beauty of the surrounding landscapes, inviting silence and infinite tranquility, untouched by the noise and hubbub of the crowd. One such place – a town Arzakan, Nestled on the coast of the mountain river Dalar and wrapped in soft contours of the mountain ranges. Suffice it to high altitude above sea level – as much as 1900 meters – saturates clear air freshness and taste indescribable. And through the thickness of the rocks are punched thermal springs, rich in various minerals and nutrients. Thanks to them the climate is surprisingly mild, and winter vacationers are rarely troubled by severe cold. But in summer the temperature can rise to as much as forty degrees. Nearby you can find plenty of fascinating natural sites. Turquoise water lapping softly in heavy stone bed, carved by nature at the top of the ridge of the same name. The lake is fed exclusively rain, and the water it is so clear that the bottom is visible to every detail.


Arzakan drive from Yerevan will not take more than forty minutes. And to get to the capital to make sufficient flight Uzbekistan Airways . Despite this proximity to the largest city of Armenia, local guest houses, rest homes and clinics offer a secluded and relaxing stay. One of Armenia Hotel , located here, is called “Wax Getak”, which means golden stream. These holidays home was built in the early eighties of the last century, but with the opening of many of the changes were made ​​to the interior and a list of services offered by this sanatorium.


Modern small building modestly hidden amid smooth mountain spurs, which are hidden under the summer whimsical lace green foliage and in winter wrapped in white snow feather cape. The construction is surrounded by a lush park, where you can find a picturesque stream, neat alleys, decorated with benches and fountains, and shady paths, whimsically winding between ancient trunks.


This hotel in Armenia is quite small, there are about thirty-five rooms. They are willing to take in their fundamentals walls and proud individuals, families and a minimum of four people. There is even a spacious Lux rooms, where you can find a living room and a small addition to the two bedrooms. All rooms are spacious, full of sunlight and interior design in pastel colors and delicate. From the wide windows and peaceful views on the covered with dense groves hillsides. In addition to comfortable furniture, wide and soft bed, a cozy sofa and armchairs and a small table, can be found here and a kitchenette. So the equipment of his, this hotel in Armenia will delight and independent travelers. In addition to all the above is also a large refrigerator. In the evening or in the morning, you can treat yourself to watching one of the shows, which shows a TV connected to a satellite dish. The spacious bathroom has everything you need, including a shower, which helps not pour half the water flow. What is particularly delight visitors in the winter months, snow, all chambers are connected to the heating system. Such amenities are rarely seen during the vacation in Uzbekistan .


If you would like to combine a recreational trip with any business event, the “Wax Getak” approach to this ideal. Here, in addition to all the necessary for a fun pastime, there is also a conference room, which is quite capable to accommodate up to 35 people. So it is easy to navigate and can be a small workshop and training.


At any time, the hotel visitors who prefer an active pastime quiet seat in the hotel, can find a lot of outdoor pursuits. In summer it is an outdoor pool with transparent pure water, which is so nice to plunge on a hot sunny day, and a playground in the open air. And in winter you can take at the reception skates and go write the intricate patterns on the shining mirror of ice. If the weather is not happy, or to go out too late, you can hide a cheerful company in the playroom, where there is a table for ping-pong table and a kicker. Connoisseurs quieter entertainment perfect billiards. After the exercise, both active and not very, or long trips, it is necessary to pamper yourself with a massage. There are professionals and you will be in good hands.


As the holiday home is located in the resort area, there is also a special health center with excellent water hospital.


For young visitors do not get bored during the holidays, to organize them all sorts of entertainment, diligently taking games and competitions all day long.