Holiday House “Arthurs Aghveran Resort”

Just a half hour drive from Yerevan to soar azure skies entwined with openwork lace flowing green mountain slopes. Emerald color gently dilutes the gray spurs. Dense thickets filled with the chirping of birds and the murmur of a plurality of streams. It Aghveran, which is known for its hospitable lands, a climate without searing heat of summer, and do not suffer furious winter frosts. Holidays are great all year round – summer mountains covered dense lush greenery, woods autumn bloom bright colors yellow, orange, crimson and scarlet, emphasizing the incredible blue of the sky. In winter, the slopes wrapped in a lush blanket of fluffy white snow, and the spring come alive torrents streams and from underground yellow and white stars punched flowers. Beauty, find that not just during the holiday in Uzbekistan .


Tour Operators of Armenia believe that the rest are more likely will attract the travelers, who while on holiday looking for a quiet and peaceful place, where the crowd noise and the roar of the engines, replaces the rustle of the wind in the trees, the sweet warbling of birds and the transparent silence trembling, shining like a rock crystal mountain air . Armenia Hotel , which can please all of this and still give a little more – is “Arthurs Aghveran Resort”. Several buildings made ​​in the traditional Alpine style, rebuilt directly on the slope of a small mountain. A small but very reasonably organized territory, will give you a lot of fabulous unity minutes with amazing Armenian nature.


This Armenia hotel offers their guests to move into one of the sixty rooms. All of them are designed to stay one or two guests – and the only difference is in the sleeping bed. In some rooms there are double beds and in some twin. The rooms are spacious and pleasing to the eye bright pastel colors of the walls and elegantly thoughtful interior design. Dark, luxurious furniture looking consistently pleases its convenience. Wide panoramic windows that occupy almost the entire wall painted peaceful views of the surrounding mountain slopes. The chambers can be found all the elements of comfort. This modern TV showing a specific set of cable channels, a large fridge where you can store stocks a variety of snacks. The spacious bathroom with a modern shower, are also all the necessary amenities for taking bath procedures. There is also a hair dryer, and that is very required those travelers whose hair requires thermal treatment.


Hotel location will please those travelers who do not like long journeys, it is just thirty kilometers from the capital of Armenia. In Yerevan you can get, having made ​​the flight Uzbekistan Airways .


In addition to comfortable accommodation, the hotel offers many more kinds of entertainment to active travelers are not languishing from boredom. Outdoors you can find a tennis court with artificial turf and a wonderful pool. On a hot day so nice dip in the cool waters of a running. In a shady park can be broken picnic, get hold of something edible in the restaurant, or having bought products in the shop. And you can prepare your own grilled fish. Lagoon itself, a great mirror reflecting the thick foliage of the garden, lined with stone, and on the shore are charming bench, sitting on which you can contemplate just mindlessly water or fish. And in the hotel you can rent some sports equipment, bicycles, skis and more.


Hotel with care refers to his young guests. To restless offspring not loitering on the site, creating chaos and destruction for them in the open air equipped with a wonderful playground with all sorts of swings and climbing frame. There is a small swimming pool, with a small depth to children could splash around without any fear. And in the room, if the weather does not have to walk, you can tinker with a variety of toys in the nursery. Children who have grown out of those years, when enthusiasm master cubes and designers will appreciate the large variety of computer games.


For adults, there is also a couple of fun games indoors. This is a pool table and ping-pong. Large and bright room, laden with modern exercise equipment, I am looking forward to those who would have preferred even at rest to maintain your body in good physical shape. And after a strenuous workout, you can give your muscles to relax in the sauna excellent. Steam treatments are an excellent completion of a frosty day, when after long walks on the creaking trampled snow paths so pleasant to feel the life-giving warmth. And winter sunny day so happy to meet, raskraivaya dimensional strokes warm water indoor swimming pool.


When the hotel opened a restaurant, pampering guests consistently delicious Armenian cuisine. Intense aroma of herbs has always attracted under the arches of the refectory of the hotel guests. A cozy bar, where the quiet crackling logs fire in the fireplace, an ideal place for a quiet winter evening.


If guests disturb something, they at any time of the day or night can turn to the reception employees. Guests who plan to go on a short trip for a couple or three days, could not burden his impromptu tour of Armenia unnecessary baggage and leave unnecessary items in the hotel storage room.