Golden Fork

A small cozy four-storey mansion, built on a hillside – is the home of a wonderful restaurant “Golden Fork”, which is with a sense of style and amazing mastered space of the building. The restaurant opened in the early nineties of the last century, is among the oldest old Yerevan catering, which certainly speaks to the quality of service, and the remarkable culinary skills of local chefs. No wonder it is a visit to this institution is often included in the tour program to Armenia. Four-word, tired of walking should not be confused by the mountainous Armenia travelers – climb the stairs you will not have to. Owners reasonably equipped with an elevator building.


The first floor, it was decided to give the kitchen area, and a café and dining room located on the second. Here in the menu, you can find the traditional Armenian barbecue, and for every taste. Aromatic and juicy meat dish prepared with herbs from chicken, lamb, tender veal. There is even a unique dish that skewers decorated with pieces of fish or mushroom caps. Those who prefer to see how it is in the process of culinary magic, invited to enjoy this action.


The restaurant is famous not only for its dishes, but also the strict selection of products that will become ingredients. Restaurant is popular with tourists from all over the world, from Russia, Europe and even in Uzbekistan – the prices here do not bite. That is why a visit to “Golden Fork” can be made ​​even in the program of cheap travel.


Large room you do not like – go up to the third floor, where the room is divided into five compartments. So that any company found a zone for the soul, they all vary in size, and hence the spaciousness. You can arrange and relaxing family night out and big business meeting. Comfortable sofas, comfortable tables and concise but stylish design creates an incredible atmosphere. By the way, if you plan to spend the day of his birthday, the staff is not only happy to help you with the organization, but also allow bring their own alcoholic beverages.


Luxurious fourth floor, is elegant and richly decorated ceremonial hall, with sparkling snow-white tablecloths table linens, and elegantly decorated stage. The restaurant hall is ready to take up more than a hundred visitors.


The restaurant menu is more varied and rich, rather than at the cafe. There are soups, and great hot snacks and delicious desserts, including homemade jams and marmalades. To the guests during the meal is not thirsty, the restaurant offers a long list of them from all kinds of drinks, alcoholic and of not containing alcohol.


On the stage of famous musicians appear every evening. This is a team of two Grigoryan, who are fluent in the violin and clarinet. On special occasions here satisfied


By the way, if you are planning a trip or have a meal in the fresh air, you can enjoy selected dishes and pack them in special containers.


The restaurant is popular with locals, but because the table is to book well in advance. You can ask for the service staff of your hotel in Armenia.


“Golden Fork” is waiting for the guests with their fundamentals eleven in the morning, closing only with the last visitor.




(+ 374-10) 53 40 26

(+ 374-10) 53 November 13

(+ 374-10) 53 90 80

Address: RA, Yerevan, 73 Israelian (Paronyan intersection)