Clinic-sanatorium “Arzni”

In the cozy Arzni valley is home to several hospitals. But the oldest and recognized as accepted to “Arzni” sanatorium-clinic. This is where leading specialists who have carefully studied all the factors of influence of water on the body, and can therefore choose the perfect match for you a course of treatment. Armenian tour operatorsoffer this placement to those travelers who are primarily focused on their health, and plan to spend vacation deliverance from the very annoying ailments.


The resort is ideal for those travelers who do not like to get to the vacation spot for hours. The trip from Yerevan will take about fifteen minutes, and can be reached by ordering Uzbek Airways flight or any other carrier to the Armenian capital of your city. This Armenia hotel with striking therapeutic bias is ready to accept guests all year round, but especially tempted vacationers summer, with its long warm days, survey again heat of sunlight with cool mountain breezes and autumn, long retaining the soft summer heat, and painted the surrounding landscape in bright colors . Clinic-sanatorium “Arzni” refers to a few institutions here that are connected to the mineral springs directly, rather than through a long intricate network of pipes. And because at the guests have the privilege to receive the life-giving water, not to lose a single drop of its beneficial properties. Here, for the treatment of used water under serial numbers 15 and 23, related in composition to bicarbonate – sodium chloride.


The main element of treatment – water. It is served in a glass, for adoption as a medication by mouth, it fills the bath, using it do different wash – choice of procedure depends on your illness and doctor’s advice. However, some balneological services is not limited. Certain ailments require a whole range of treatments to cure them, but because in the clinic using electro-light therapy, paraffin therapy, acupuncture, peat treatment and other procedures related to physiotherapy. A very beautiful nature around creates the perfect conditions for practicing physical therapy. A leisurely stroll through the shady alleys filled with woody scents and twittering of birds, the study of the surrounding mountain trails and picturesque canyon for those who are ready for the big physical efforts. If we add to this sunbathing, and a tasting of fresh, pure air, the treatment process is transformed into a real fairy tale. After a pleasant pedestrian journeys, with the study of the surrounding area, you should definitely treat yourself to a massage. And you can treat yourself to them without cause. The resort, like all such places, offers three meals a day, and the menu can also be made ​​depending on your health problems.


Clinic-sanatorium “Arzni” is host to guests who suffer ailments related to the cardiovascular system, suffer from ailments of the gastrointestinal tract, complain about the instability of the nervous system, and would like to treat musculoskeletal system. In order to pass all the proposed procedure does not necessarily reside in a sanatorium, although it has to offer, and is quite comfortable accommodation.


Where you can find a number belonging to the three categories, from modest and comfortable double up to quite luxurious suites. In the chambers waiting for you all the little things that will not only provide you a comfortable stay, but also will give the charm of holiday home atmosphere. The ideal course of treatment, bringing tangible effect is approximately eighteen days.


Resort itself looks very picturesque. This modern building, recreating in his appearance traditions of Armenian architecture. The surrounding area is immersed in a lush green landscape, winding amidst lush groves charming alleys and tempting travelers the elegant gazebo, is a cozy bench. In a rare bad weather day or when the mountains down the veil of evening twilight, you can go to the gym and entertain themselves playing table tennis or billiards. The resort does not belong to the category of the most expensive, and therefore be able to join the tour and cheap.