Cableway “Tatever”

Modern landmark of Armenia, which managed to enter the Guinness Book of Records on several indicators is a cableway “Tatever”. The length of the entire path along which you will ride the modern cubicle, is 5.7 kilometers away, and the speed of movement of the suspension of the vehicle in some areas exceeds 30 km / h, so that the road is one way takes a little more than ten minutes. The tour operators of Armenia are advised to visit this place, as a fan of natural beauty and history buffs.


The decision on the construction of this facility occurred to the authorities, both secular and ecclesiastical, when considering the issue of bringing more tourists to amazing in its beauty and charm of the Tatev monastery, emerged here in the times of the distant Middle Ages. What was once a monastery saved from looting and attacks militant gangs, namely its almost complete lack of access to, and now destroys this architectural treasure as a rare traveler dares on this difficult path. To reopen Tatev the world, it was decided to build a cable car to him.


The project was implemented efforts of the Swiss company “Garaventa” which is aware of the construction of such roads is not hearsay, and managed in record time, only ten months to create a cable car which links the village of Tatev and Halidzor. This road is the longest of its kind in the world. The first cabinet went to the delight of the creators in their journey to the end of 2010. Air path runs between the three pillars, which are to be installed even had to come up with new ways to strengthen the foundation. In the air there is no way an intermediate station, it follows immediately from Alizdora to Tatev and back. The highest point which reaches the road, is 360 meters. The structure itself is so strong that it is ready to withstand the most powerful gusts of wind. The capacity of each cabin is 25 people, so the queues on the landing can be avoided. However, the road workers are asking visitors not to arrive too late, so they could have time to fit in the last wagon – the road works well on schedule and the extra passengers does not take. So if you want to avoid spending the night in the monastery, come early.


Cabin itself is mounted on the three strong ropes, two of which held its canopy, and one gives it movement. For greater reliability and safety of the system is designed steel ropes so that could bear at least fifteen times the set. The mechanism is driven by electricity, but there is also a special engine that runs on diesel fuel, which is always ready to run in the event that the electricity is shut off. Walk to the cable car is inexpensive and can be included in the scope of cheap travel around the country.


Of course, the road is paved specially for the travelers were able to admire the monastery, but on the other side of the flight itself above the picturesque gorge is worth it. Stunning views of the mountain slopes, emerald velvet-shrouded forests, dramatic spurs, heavy folds gorges, snow-capped mountain peaks and an incredible height and, of course, approaching the walls of a medieval monastery. And soon, in the framework of the project, around there will be many hotels in Armenia, where you will stay.