Perhaps not in Yerevan a child who would not dream to spend the whole day, and it would be better and do not share in the magic of the hall belonging to “Aladdin.” This is a real amusement park, which is under the roof, and therefore ready to receive their guests in any weather and time of year. There celebrate birthdays, graduations, and arrange school holidays or just bring a favorite child graze and frolic with their peers, while mom enthusiastically talking, discussing the latest news. Your child so tired from a busy sightseeing tour of Armenia, then arrange it short rest for a day in the walls of Aladdin.


The complex is located in the impressive size of the building, and there seems to be possible to find what you want entertainment for children of all ages.


The “Aladdin” runs fun and inventive animation team, as well as professional educators, who with constant care and attention relate to all the guests who came to the center. For the convenience of visitors to the small all the entertainment divided into zones – each for the respective age groups. This will help the young guests and to avoid disappointment, and adults accompanying them, as soon as possible to navigate.


Tour Operators of Armenia noted that there is entertainment for children of all ages. For tots are opened several playgrounds with all sorts of trampolines, ladders, low slides and pools filled with balls. Older kids apparently like a maze, with its soft walls, pipes and ramps. It’s so fun to play hide and seek or tag. And you can imagine that you are on a pirate ship!


Those who have already discovered the addictive world of video games, has modern machines, where, it seems, you can find anything. The hunt for the monsters you are not inspired, try one of the simulators that will move you, or behind the wheel of a powerful sports car, or to sit down in a racing motorcycle saddle. Do not worry that your young son scare some grim scenes of racing monsters – all machines are available in various zones.


For those who prefer team games single battle, and all video entertainment, fun running around and participate in various competitions, it employs a team of animators. These should be happy to arrange for you an unforgettable holiday, full of surprises, laughter and wonderful charades. And this whole extravaganza complete waterfall gifts.


Bored here and really difficult. If you want to get extraordinary experience, go to the local movie theater, where in addition to stereoscopic effects, visitors will be rocking on mobile platforms, wrap them with smoke and spray water droplets. This creates an unusual effect in which the spectator is literally immersed in the space of a cartoon or movie. This cannot be found during a vacation in Uzbekistan.


If all of these endless entertainments full of fun, laughter and bustle, you really piqued appetite – it does not matter. The complex has a café that can accommodate more than two hundred and fifty people, both large and small. This is not just a modest restaurant with a standard set of unpretentious food, and to this wonderful restaurant. Moreover, it is all sorts of goodies that can satisfy your hunger, not only the baby, but voracious teenager, with all sorts of sandwiches, pizzas, salads and burgers. And for dessert, ice cream tender and juicy fruit cake. Adults have their own menu, where there are dishes, generously spiced with local herbs.


If parents choose to rest a couple of hours from their worries, they will be able to safely transfer their child in caring hands of professional trainers, as well as skilled, sensitive and endowed with imaginative educators. Sit in a cafe, quietly drink a cup of something good and fragrant. Or go towards childhood, went straight to the gaming machines. Want to learn about the program and entertainment in more detail – this Stump Armenia hotel staff where you are staying.


Complex hospitably opens the doors at ten in the morning and closes only half past ten in the evening.