Выбор отеля в Узбекистане

The hotel is an important element of any tour. It is a kind of temporary home for the weary traveler. After excursions around the city, acquaintance with the elegance of minarets, madrasas, mausoleums, you want to come to a cozy hotel, where friendly staff will open the door for you with a smile, and at the table will wait for a tasty dinner table. It seems to sound like another oriental tale? It all depends on your choice.

Размещение в отелях УзбекистанаHotels in Uzbekistan are represented by various types and classes. There are world-class hotels equipped according to the latest trends in the tourism industry. The main number of hotels have the status of three and four stars.

There are also private resorts, which are analogous to European Bad & Breakfast.

Tourists who prefer an active holiday, it will be interesting to learn about the presence of numerous campsites near the Charvak reservoir. In the ski resort Chimgan you expect the hotels of European standard.

Sight of Uzbekistan are mini-hotels, which are located in the most popular tourist places. They have a colorful interior, a cozy patio, delicious national cuisine.

For extreme sports in Uzbekistan, the so-called yurt camps have been created: Nurata, Ayaz Kala and Aydar. In each such house can accommodate from 10 to 25 people. Here, the tourist will be able to experience firsthand the way of life of the once nomadic people.


How not to make a mistake with the choice of hotels?

So, you need to follow a few rules:

Do not make premature decisions based on the impression of the picture. Photos often do not correspond to reality, or made at the right angle and processed. So a luxury hotel may be an old building, and the promised grove outside the window will turn into a pair of shabby bushes.

Pay attention to the size of the room. For a comfortable stay, choose a room of at least 35 m2. The presence of a balcony will be an indispensable advantage, as it gives more light.

If you do not like excessive noise, choose hotels with a small number of rooms. Fewer guests will avoid fussiness. Also do not choose rooms with a balcony overlooking the busy highway.

Pay attention to the date of renovation of the hotel. This information will allow you to find out how long it was renovated in the rooms.

The location of the hotel is one of the important points. It is advisable to choose those that are in the city center, or close to the main attractions.

Additional payments are another half hidden thing. This may include the cost of breakfast or the Internet.

Reading the reviews, do not pay attention to each. How many people – so many opinions. Focus on facts that are often repeated.

By following these rules, you will be able to reduce your feelings about where you will relax after intense excursions. And this means to ensure a good mood and energy for every day in the pearl of Central Asia – Uzbekistan.