Types of tourism

Виды туризма

Uzbekistan is an incredible country in the quantity and beauty of its architectural monuments and in its combination of antiquity and modernity. There is no doubt that this sunny land is clearly distinguished from other countries. Yes, there are elements of similarity with other cultures, but in the aggregate this “pearl of the east” is unique and has unique cultural formations. A tour to Uzbekistan is a rare opportunity to learn an oriental tale from the inside.


Uzbekistan has something to present to the world: a multifaceted culture, the originality of the people, masterpieces of applied art, delightful monuments of architecture, colorful national cuisine. The main centers of tourism are the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, whose historic centers are listed as UNESCO heritage sites. The list also includes the intangible acts of the Uzbek people: the ancient chants of Shoshmak, the holiday of the spring equinox of Navruz, the traditional motives of Kattaashul. This speaks of the vigorous activity and significance of Uzbek culture for the entire world community.


Many centuries ago, the whole world wandered along the trampled roads of the Great Silk Road, which passed through the main cities of not only Uzbekistan, but also all of Central Asia. Huge skins with leather, silk, jewels and spices moved along caravan routes from city to city, from country to country. This was not only a trade exchange, but also an introduction to various cultures. The same thing is happening today: tourists from all over the world go to Uzbekistan to study the heritage of the majestic east.


Tours of Uzbekistan are aimed at a diverse tourist: a lover of outdoor activities, a fighter for the environment, a connoisseur of historical places, a seeker of a new ethnic group, and those who choose family or corporate recreation in the heart of ancient civilizations nobly adjacent to modern buildings.


Excursion tourism

The excursion program of Uzbekistan includes hundreds of objects. Each city contains the so-called old city, which preserved the spirit of past years. Each region has its own architecture and appearance. In Samarkand, there are azure mosaic monuments of the Registan complex, Her Emir mausoleum, Bibi Khanum mosque. In Shakhrisabz, the main places of interest are the buildings of the times of the Timurids: the ruins of the huge Ak-Saray, the palace of Timur, the mosque of Kok-Gumbaz and the mausoleum of Sheikh Shamseddin Kul. In Bukhara, the color of the raw brick prevails in the architecture of the ensemble Poi-Kalyan and the Ark citadel. Khiva – the city is a museum known for its inner city Ichan-Kala, Kalta Minar minaret, Juma mosque.


Active tourism

This type of tourism is in great demand among travelers. The ski resort in Chimgan is the most popular: there are trails of varying difficulty, slopes for snowboarders and a cable car for quick ascent and descent. In the summer, cliffs are at the disposal of climbers who again and again conquer slippery cliffs and peaks. Also, in warm weather, you can go hang-gliding, see from a bird’s eye view the beauty of the natural landscapes and waters of the Charvak reservoir. There is also a small “ranch” where anyone can ride a horse on the most beautiful and fast stallion.


Ecological tourism.

Uzbekistan is not only famous for the whole world monuments of architecture, but also open spaces for occupation by eco-tours. Ecotourism is one of the rapidly developing spheres in principle. There are plenty of places to go here: the salt marshes of the perishing Aral Sea, hiking to glaciers and waterfalls, trips to protected areas, which number more than 10, tours of the sands of deserts and much more.



Ethnic and originality of the Uzbek people admire any tourist. The girls wear national dresses from the color of the rainbow of all colors of the rainbow, men wear gold-embroidered chapan (thick caftan worn over clothing) and the incredible beauty of the skullcap. In any house you will be met with a cup of hot green tea, delicious sweet flat bread and nourishing traditional pilau. The culture of the people is displayed in the applied art of the masters. Here they make hand-made chic carpets, embroider pillows, blankets, write pottery with the finest painting.


With each season, the number of tourists arriving in Uzbekistan is growing: excursion programs are being developed, the number of tours is increasing, hotels are being modernized, and service is being improved. The flow of tourists increases every year. What is the reason? Perhaps the answer to this question you will have to personally, to the touch and taste found in the treasury of the heritage of the ancient east – sunny and hospitable Uzbekistan.