Bargain tours to Uzbekistan from Ekaterinburg

Туры в Узбекистан из Екатеринбурга

Bargain tours to Uzbekistan from Ekaterinburg:

              a great opportunity to learn all the secrets of the East

We offer interesting tours to Uzbekistan from Ekaterinburg at competitive prices. All offered tours to Tashkent from Yekaterinburg will allow to get acquainted with the rich history of this country.


Yekaterinburg, being one of the largest Russian cities, was now in a position on favorable terms to take a trip to Uzbekistan. Our company offers a variety of tours to Uzbekistan from Ekaterinburg, allowing every vacationer to escape from the stifling shackles of the big city.


Our company has entered into a formal agreement with a number of holiday homes, hotels and hotels in Uzbekistan, so we are able to offer really competitive prices to all customers. At the same time, our company ensures that you will not find here hidden charges and fees that pop up in the most unexpected moment.


Various tours to Uzbekistan from Ekaterinburg at different prices In our company, there is the concept of a flexible quotation, taking into account the different financial capabilities:

  • Weekend tours;
  • Visiting monuments of culture and art;
  • Visit the architectural masterpieces of the country;
  • Understanding the life and traditions of Uzbekistan and so on.


All things to do in Tashkent from Yekaterinburg based on a professionally prepared program, which provides not only relaxation, but also an active introduction to the secrets of the country. Professional managers and consultants of our company is always happy to help you not only in word but in deed. It offers an extensive catalog of our company, including:

  • Hotels;
  • Recreation areas;
  • Architectural monuments;
  • Restaurants and so on.


With all this information, each camper will be able to choose the option of rest that it is really interesting. At the end of the same will only issue the necessary travel documents in both ends.