Tours to Samarkand

Туры в Самарканд

Individual and group tours to Samarkand:

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We are offering a variety of tours to Samarkand at competitive prices. In our extensive catalog “Samarkand: tours and prices” you will find many leisure options.


Samarkand can be safely attributed to the cities of Asia, which are fully connected not only cultural, but also with the historical past of the whole region. Our company offers a variety of tours to Samarkand, which will allow you to touch the mysteries of the Great Silk Road. This Uzbek city became a part of many tales and legends that tell of its rich history. In many ways, this is what encourages visitors from all over the world come here.


A variety of tours to Samarkand will help you better understand the spirit of the country


This city has a real oriental flavor, manifested in the ancient bazaars, monuments of architecture and art. In Samarkand tours and prices intricately overlap with history and present. In the central part of the city, decorated with a monument to Timur and crowded bazaars, which are more than a few hundred years old, is in this tale of old. It is worth to go to the outskirts – and you already find yourself in a normal city.


Samarkand, whose age is comparable to ancient Rome and Babylon, is an important part not only of the Timurid Empire, but also the world-famous Silk Road. Choosing a tour to Samarkand, the price will always be lower quality. The total value of your voucher will be formed at the expense of the many criteria:

  • Duration;
  • Hotel where you live;
  • Other facilities and services.


In spite of all this, your impressions from acquaintance with a long history of this city you will remember for a long time. It is important to note that the cost of services in Samarkand is very affordable, so tourists can go anywhere and everywhere. Our company will help you choose the best tour that includes a variety of city attractions. For example, you can get acquainted with the best examples of medieval architecture, famous, famous Samarkand mausoleums and so on.