Tours to Bukhara

Туры в Бухару

Top things to do in Bukhara offer a unique opportunity to wander through the streets, the history of which goes back centuries. Why stay in Bukhara is so popular among tourists and local residents?


It is considered that Bukhara traces its history more from the VI century BC. Domestic and foreign scholars agree that the age of the city’s more than two and a half thousand years. That is why a variety of tours to Bukhara are so popular among residents of not only a neighbor, but abroad. People who are tired of modern technology, the dream for a while back in time when life was measured. In Bukhara you will find antique markets, where, as a hundred years ago, merchants in every way praising their wares.


Tours to Bukhara interested in all


Believers and those who seek to know the culture of the Uzbek people, will be able to explore the numerous madrassas, have long been part of the history not only of Bukhara, but the whole country. Do not leave them unattended and mosques, made in the traditional style. Here, as a thousand years ago, are the prayers and sermons.Other city attractions include:

  • Castle Arch;
  • The ensemble Poi- Kalyan;
  • Mausoleum of Samanids and So hereinafter .


Those who can not stay in Bukhara, without the benefits of modern civilization, can sleep peacefully. Here, the past and the future in harmony, for example, a modern airport terminal successfully entered in the overall cityscape. In Bukhara you will find traditional shops and cafes that allow even the most modern tourist does not lose touch with reality. Not deprived of this city and of the benefits of civilization, as the Internet. Choosing a tour to the ancient city, you will always stay with your loved ones and family in touch, sharing his impressions about the trip.


Getting to Bukhara from Tashkent can be on a plane that is the best way that does not require a lot of time. Residents and abroad can fly here direct flight from Krasnodar, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and so on.