Unforgettable tour to Uzbekistan from Minsk


Unforgettable tour to Uzbekistan from Minsk:

                      the cost, timing, design rules, ways to get


In our travel agency you can purchase a tour to Uzbekistan from Minsk at a reasonable price and with the best conditions.


Citizens of the Republic of Belarus have the opportunity to book a tour to Uzbekistan from Minsk at a very affordable price. Our company works directly with the best domestic hotels, holiday homes and other resorts of the country, so we offer a truly favorable conditions of reservation and accommodation. Professional managers of our travel company will help as soon as possible to choose the tour you are interested in a varied program.


Tours to Uzbekistan from Minsk require transplantation


Sorry, but today there is no direct air or rail links between Uzbekistan and the Republic of Belarus. Vacationers will be able to get by using the change in the Moscow airport or train station.


If you plan to go by plane, the current timetable of aircraft perfectly allows you to make convenient connections between flights, does not require a long wait. At the same time, our travel company will help you arrange a travel document with a transfer, which allows significant savings.


Supporters of rail transport, living in different regions of Belarus, will have to get to Moscow, using for this purpose:

  • train;
  • bus.


The current density of traffic between the countries will allow optimally plan your trip. Upon arrival at the Moscow train station, travelers will need to change trains on long-distance trains Moscow – Tashkent. During the trip, you need to study in detail the contents of their bags and purse, all indicate that in the customs declaration.It should be understood that the Uzbek authorities demand a detailed list of what you bring to the country. Declaration necessarily need to save before leaving the country.