Unforgettable tours in Uzbekistan

Незабываемые туры в Узбекистан

Unforgettable tours in Uzbekistan:
the secrets of a good holiday choice at reasonable prices

What are the things to do in Uzbekistan must be selected to touch the eastern fairy tale? What are the must-see attractions to holiday in Uzbekistan has been truly unforgettable?


In recent years there has been a steady growth of interest in the inhabitants of Central and Eastern Europe to Asia, with its unique culture and history. Of all the tours are purchased rounds in Uzbekistan occupying a leading position. All this is due not only to the rich history of this country, but also a great many famous monuments located on the territory of this country. Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand – have these three titles are able to awaken the stories of cunning and noble Hodja Nasreddin, recall the Great Silk Road.


Good value in Uzbekistan includes many aspects

Without a doubt, stay in Uzbekistan, you will remember, and an abundance of ancient monuments of architecture and art. According to preliminary estimates, the oldest of them for more than two thousand years. Those who prefer natural beauty monuments of architecture, will be able to touch the pristine nature of this country:

  • Karakum desert;
  • Dunes;
  • Spurs of the Pamir-Alai and Tien Shan;
  • River valleys and so on.

Many tours to Uzbekistan in 2015 are focused on the classic national color. Many fans of extreme kinds of tourism have already appreciated Uzbekistan, offers unique conditions for a class:

  • Rafting;
  • Hiking;
  • Skiing;
  • Traditional fishing and so on.


Tours in Uzbekistan available at any time of the year

Nature gave the country a unique climate due to which tours to Uzbekistan, whose prices continue to please vacationers are available throughout the year. It is important to note that every time of year is best suited for certain types of tourism. For example, tours to Uzbekistan from Moscow, scheduled for the period from March to November, perfect for travel to the mountainous areas of the country. At this time of the year you’ll enjoy backpacking or hiking.


Numerous hiking trails run through the reserved area, located in the mountains Chimgan. The slopes of these mountains, drowning in apple orchards, have been the inspiration for many people, the first time to meet with these margins. These gardens, which are surrounded by mountain streams and stunning lakes, to help you realize that in the world there are still corners where you can admire the unspoiled nature.


Fans of active rest will appreciate the numerous ski resorts that make tours to Uzbekistan from Moscow in 2015 may compete for popularity with the best European resorts. At 80 kilometers from the capital of Uzbekistan are two well-known ski resorts in the country – and Beldersay Chimgan.


Who really test their strength should definitely visit the Chimgan, located at an altitude of about 1.6 kilometers above sea level. Skiing here runs from December to March. Hotel services and facilities are more than two dozen trails for skiing, designed for different levels of training. Those who only stood up for the first time on skis, will be able to slowly hone their skills on the specially allocated areas.


Uzbekistan, like the ancient Eastern fairy tale, does not immediately reveal all its secrets. So come here to touch themselves to the ancient culture, history and pristine nature of this country.