Interesting and attractive tours to Tashkent

Выгодные туры в Ташкент

Interesting and attractive tours to Tashkent:
what options exist today for those wishing to visit the city?

We offer individual and group tours to Tashkent at reasonable prices. All tours are conducted in Tashkent professional guides who have sufficient experience and knowledge.

Tashkent is not only the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan, but also well-known in different countries of the world historical and cultural monument of civilization.That is why a variety of tours to Tashkent is increasingly attracting the attention of tourists from different countries. A great variety, surrounded by centuries of history, creates a unique oriental flavor.

Why is it important to plan trips in advance to Tashkent?

The great  popularity of this city, where the intertwined past, present and future demands of those wishing to visit its careful organization. It is necessary that the tourist to take care of hotel reservations or hotel. Our company is ready to render assistance in this matter. We work directly with many hotel complexes in Tashkent, so the cost of the reservation of any room you will be pleased with.


Numerous tours in Tashkent built on the contrast, which is found everywhere:

  • Architectural epoch harmoniously interconnected;
  • Ancient markets coexist with modern shops;
  • Traditions ancestors lived side by side with the rules of a modern society.

A variety of things to do in Tashkent, the price of which will delight you, will help you realize the infinite depth of Eastern civilization, which was able to give the world a great many inventions and discoveries.

Every corner in Tashkent a real open-air museum. Many buildings and fortresses remember fierce battles and great examples of valor forever went down in history not only in Uzbekistan, but also the entire continent.

Who alone to lift the veil of secrecy over a thousand years of history of this country, you must purchase one of the tours to Tashkent. One need only take a decision and to come to a country where every corner can tell many secrets.