Климат УзбекистанаClimate and the weather in Uzbekistan is sharp-continental, droughty. Average temperatures of January fluctuate from -3 With to +3 With,July – from +26 With to +32 With, deposits drops out from 80 mm. in a year on deserted plains; and to 1000 mm. in mountains.


The most pleasant time for travel to Uzbekistan is Spring (from April till June) and autumn (from September till October).


It is impossible to tell unequivocally that there is everywhere an identical climate. For example in July – August the strongest heat. Sometimes reaches 52 degrees! In Tashkent at this time without the conditioner rather badly but if to drive off all for 80 km. In mountain district there this heat is not felt at all. Blows in a breeze. And these +52 are perceived as Moscow 25. But water in mountain and usual lakes very warm also it is possible to bathe continuously.