Андижан. Узбекистан

This city is one of the oldest through Fergana region, located southeast. During ancient times, area was called Andukan. You can see picturesque landscapes throughout placement. According to archaeologists, township has more than 2000 years. That district became great Timurid Zahireddin Muhammad Babur birthplace. He was not only Fergana Valley ruler, but also major conqueror, commander, poet either Mughal Empire (Baburids) founder.

If we consider township size, it takes Uzbekistan fourth place and third considering area terms. Region became famous for its industrial enterprises. There are approximately 200, among which the most known power plant Elektroapparat, cable featuring oilfield complexes. This district appears also center for Uzbek car manufactures.

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Architecture and historical heritage

Андижан. Мечети

Unfortunately, many Andijan historic sites have not survived to our times. Among these individual constructions can be attributed Friday Mosque, XIX century madrassas. Jami architecture compound, which will be written more detailed, appears well-preserved.

Among museums, most well-known are:

  • Regional Museum, where you can see local flora, fauna, household items, etc.
  • Babur Literary Heritage Museum.



Jami Architectural Historic Complex

Андижан. Мемориальный комплекс Джами

Jami complex arise architecture style pearl, including three buildings:

  1. Minaret.
  2. Madrasah.
  3. Mosque.


Building years appear 1883-1890. Structures magnitude seems striking over grandeur; came about enormous throughout Ferghana, additionally, all Uzbekistan.

Madrasah facility length reaches more than 120 meters. Facade directed in accordance with Muslim regulations eastern part. Its portal decorates, made characteristic numerous historical erections. Madrasah was built under traditional that period style; training rooms were located inside corner structure parts. Between them situated students’ living rooms called huts. Initially, building appeared U-shaped.

Furthermore, there stands woodcarving art monument, what presents Fergana decoration style.

Buildings portal featuring domes decorated bluish color mosaic typical through Muslim East.

Inside architectural compound western part stands Friday Jumna Mosque. Such rectangular erection, on three side aivans filled wooden columns decorated within various carvings. Similar patterns on ceilings, geometric either floral ornament predominates. Almost all large buildings beginning 20th century decorated majolica, religious institutions portal contains extracts from Koran.

The highest building rises minaret, what reaches 32 meters. It recognized like highest valley slender tower. Decor looks unusual, non-standard under traditional East. Their surfaces are painted medallion form, many inscriptions from Koran, made in Arabic script. There placed small pond front minaret, well-maintained parkland spread around entire placement.

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Memorial Park and Babur House Museum

Андижан. Узбекистан. Дом музей Бабура

Uzbekistan highly honors Zakhiriddin Muhammad Bobur. He will forever remain enclosed Uzbekistan, India either Afghanistan people memory, as great conqueror, empire founder, lasted another 300 years after death.

But Bobur wasn’t only politician, famous Timurid left behind large literary legacy world-famous work “Bobur name”.

Leader birthplace appeared Andijan, memorial complex honored Zakhiriddin Muhammad memory enclosed parkland area is located Bagishamol Hill city south-west.

Such significant structure reveals ruler’s childhood featuring youth history. Like recorded Bur-nam, it situated upon Bagishamol Hill that young Bobur ordered talented architect, Mavlono Fazliddin, build pavilion forward reflection, where he often liked spending his leisure time.

Today outstanding man house-museum is inside Park, numerous exhibits related towards great poet, ruler life, as close relatives, associates exhibited. A special place occupied by extraordinary man literary inheritance.