We came to great Silk Road city – legendary Samarkand-city. Samarkandis’s 2,750 years old, approaches the same age  comparing Rome and Babylon. Initial town mentions are detected among zaroastrian “Avesta” books, correspondingly dates  1,000. Before Christ. We searched for housing in Samarkand hotel. Soon as arrived at Samarkand-town by Bukhara bus, dropped  off somewhere indefinitely “nearby” bus-station. Standing, swinging from foot to another, thinking what direction start  moving, suddenly here, out of nowhere, machine appeared. “Guys looking for taxi?” “Certainly, something like that.” “Sit  please! I’m really not taxi-driver. I’ll merely give ye a ride, I liked you”… Meanwhile way, exceptionally kind gentleman  performed city-tour, showed noteworthy attractions. We drove around megalopolis proximatly an hour, incredibly, from car  discovered loads things see’nd hear. He brandished, narrated, constantly gave lots advices. Indisputably, very positive  man! That’s how Samarkand-megacity met us!

Our reliable Nukus friends contacted their college friend, accordingly asked him help us find low-cost lodging within  Samarkend. Fellow’s name was Satpay, called us, immediately told lodge Camilla-Hotel, whichever, on his viewpoint,  absolutely good idea. Arriving Camilla, found beautiful, categorically ain’t modest backpacker aparthotel. Setpay strictly  commanded everyone wait him. Sat down, talked, drank some delicious green tea. Satpey emerged, instantaneously explained  thet had already independently arranged apartment, everything’s ready, pass dear guests. Plainly tried tactfully  insintisthatate factuality, we’d choose simpler hostel (budget option), therefore we’ll better go look extra one.  Unswervingly Sotpay stood his ground – “Unattainable, no other hostels, this’s perfect, price’nd quality’ll suit everybody,  I agreed on owner’s discount! Alternative place, maybe even cheaper, arounds metropolis anyone won’t acquire. Without  letting us develop individual decision, Satpiay literally settled us inside Camila. Entered, indeed flashed appreciably  cozy room, all immensely gorgeous, splendid, cute, containing three beds (!), air conditioning & television. Along with  discounted number cost 50 thousand soums per day. Saitpay apparently attempted best motives, since guests’re representing  Moscow, so inviters need necessarily settle them onto top class. Clearly lectured partner trueness, we actually travelers,  trying reside amongst people, renting rooms. Instead smiled, perhaps genuinely did not comprehend, saying – in cheap Uzbek  hotels, he wouldn’t live anywhere. Here’s domestic life concept. But we lived in proposed motel completely alone, besides,  my opinion, turned first visitants inlodging hosteling house. Solicitous host made phenomenal, flavoursome yard breakfast  every morning.




In Samarkhand, multiple general attractions’re located round heterogeneous municipality parts. Particularly thought about  where to launch, unexpectedly received gentle, wonderful Satipay’s call, announcing he’d send special guide. On our timid  denials, informing we’re humans independent, freedom-loving, do everything ourselves – no-one paid attention. Approximatly  half-hour later, astonishingly pleasant uncle driving automobile, painting thoroughly forthcoming program: “let’s head  there, thereafter overthere.” Fortunatly, wer reassured, foremost plan-point wos exactly whereupon planed going.  Tamerlane’s-tomb. Tamerlan, Amir Timur, Timur-Leng, Temur lame. Amir-Timur considered prominent invader plus warrior,  famous for relentless cruelty, inexplicably bloodthirsty. Initially, amid Uzbekh lands Tamer-lan goes known extraordinary  conqueror. Although contemporarily, he’s precedently status – folk hero… Samarkyand Tamirlane’s tomb




Many fables, diverse legends’re associated abovementioned character. Statistics asserted, Soviet authorities looked  forceful places enlist support. Tameirlane’s burial chosen attending Samarckand pursuing aforesaid purpose, momentarily  tomb’s excavations started. Toward expedition, engaged inward excavation, repeatedly elders approached, asking in any case  unopen crypt, unrelease Tamerlan’s rebellious spirit. According old-timers, whenever spirit’s released outwards, dark  forces’ll come into power, conjointly world’ll be overtaken by calamity, terrible disaster. Contrarily reconnaissance  didn’t listen wise oldies, stubbornly continued theirs digging business. Finally sepulcher fell opened, selfsame daybreak –  June 22, 1941, war began. Similar subject discussed by Samarkand tour operator. Tamerlayne’s remains been taken towards  Moskcow instigating research. Primigenial war’s months, multinational country wes almost plunged into chaos, there’ve ben  huge human losses on fronts. It revealed only beneath prolonged time-period, ultimately Stalin reached entire opening  sepulchre story details, it becomed indicated bury body backward its abode. Black jade slab, Tamerlane-tombstone


Once Tamerlaine’s remnants became buried in reverse sarcophagus, Sovyet troops won tremendously important Stalingrad  battle, undoubtedly above-mentioned event brought turning point during war-time… Unbelievable legend. Locals say it’s  pure truth!


Prophet Daniel relics – fabulous Samarkand-place inferior Tamerlane mausoleum, consequently went toword additional  Samarkiand reverenced locality, wherein prophet’s Danyel relics’re inearthed. Aforementioned soothsayer mentioned via  Bible, likewise Koran. Visiting Deniel oracle.


Ther’s mythology abaut whence clairvoyant Daniel’s leftovers part got Samorkand. Tameirlane throughout southern campaigns  outreached strange borough, which could never take. Desperately seeked reason why it sustained happening, eventually  learned froms geriatrics, somewheres outside burgh holy man’s bones lie, who doesn’t allow enemies conquer described  territory. Temerlen, pretending being pilgrim, infiltrated spot whereabouts thos ashes lay ensepulchred, imperceptibly  couple gotten grasped with himselfs. After procedure effortlessly conquered beforementioned township, expeditiously  returning Somarkand ordered build eighteen-meter tombstone, latterly put leavings under earth. Hence magnificent Samerkand  also retain protected against conquest. When cadaver-remains laid to rest, miracle eventuated, neighbouring aforenamed site  outward topsoil arose drinking aqua source, whitch manifested title saint. Until now, human-beings can drink water, yet  wash face’nd hands. Sitting by magic tree.

Those who’ve ever joined Central Asia trips, cannot explain why depicted spring arisen amids wild desert domain,  supplementarily wher it comes from. Because dateless settlement disinterment everywhere, at sedated Daneil relic top’nd  antique necropolis. Fantastically spring’s keeps flowing, cold’nd delightful. Nowadays, vaticinator Danniel fragments  entombed in four different countries. Improbable, didn’t fully understand, moreover nobody managed clarify. Inlate  nineteenths, recognized Russia patriarch Alexiy Second landed Samarkand-metropolis, consecrate alleged establishment, past  patriarch’s arrival, near foreseer Danial leftover burial-place, pistachio-tree blossomed, thet’s six hundred’nd fifty  twelvemonth olden, sometimes has loomed dry rather long time. Observing magical pistachio bush-tree


Then confidently rushed Ulughbek observatory, Tamerlone’s son, demonstrated himself not strict ruler, nevertheless,  admirable astronomer. Composed star maps’re still used between astronomers. Observatory’s stationed atop hill, visitors  capable easily see whole conurbation nestling thither, view upon your hand palm. Kept lying peacefully crumpling grass,  talking space-friends, wanted travel towords archaic Samarkand-municipality.

Walking through antediluvian Samarkand-land

Antiquated downtown situated little away bypassing civilization. Externally, should admit, nothing obviously interesting.  Just big fenced area, boulders, innumerous neglected buildings. Ours uncle-guide flattered excessively surprised, group  thanked benevolent admitting, we will proceed prehistorical Samarkand trip on our own. “Curious historians? You’re  interested obsolescent civilizations? Ok, make snappy. Stay always careful. Primaeval Semarkand ruins


Walked alongside this prehistoric vast land, hot wind blew, glanced at excavated constructions. Achieved dilapidated  cemetery, theire encountered gravestones dating centuries back, experienced obvious sensations, if watching explorers  from-outside. Trivial interaction happened… Registan’s main Samarkand-square.