Unforgettable summer on Issyk-Kul Lake


Since ancient times, Kyrgyzstan has been famous for majestic mountains surrounding country. Huge mountain ranges pass through entire republic area bent around by turbulent rivers, bringing fertility towards soil, plants. These rivers flow into many lakes.

One of the republic most beautiful lakes rightfully considered Issyk-Kul. Water body does not freeze during winter because of high salt concentration, which prevents water from becoming covered with ice. That is why reservoir name translated as “Hot Lake”. Additionally, water contains minerals that can heal minor injuries, wounds, abrasions.

Historically, the first Chinese mention of hot lake appeared in 2nd century. Larger scientific research was conducted by Russian traveler, naturalist, geographer N.M. Przhevalsky in 19th century. He is buried on lake northern shore, where scientist’s house-museum is located.

The first lake geographic location was determined by Russian geographer and surveyor A. Golubev. He lived for several years on reservoir shore. Additionally, local residents know many stories featuring legends about lake.

The most exciting story is connected with certain civilization that lived on reservoir coastal territory, flooded with hot lake waters. This legend attracts tourists into these lands, who now have opportunity to see sunken settlement, since it is not deep.

An unprecedented influx of tourists has led toward opening many hotels, recreation areas, pensions, and resorts on coast. Thousands adults featuring children come here every year spending holidays or vacations.

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Rest beside these parts will give all visitors unforgettable emotions. Here you can find various entertainments for every taste, including: Ferris wheel, roller coaster, riding a scooter, water trampolines, parachutes. Moreover, wellness centers with hot either mud baths are open to vacationers every summer.