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Turkmenistan is an independent landlocked state situated in Central Asia. In ancient times it was occupied by many Eastern rulers because of its territory, which borders with Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Iran and Uzbekistan on land. In the sea it borders with Azerbaijan and Russia. The citizens of the country as well as its guests, provided with Turkmenistan tour package are happy to hear the sound of the Caspian Sea in the west, a huge saltwater lake, which is not connected with the world ocean.

Area. The area of Turkmenistan is about 491,200 sq km. The country’s land territory is approximately 80% covered by sandy deserts.

Although reduced agricultural productivity, the lands contain large amount of petroleum and natural gas.

Turkmenistan has a continental climate with high evaporation rates. Summers are dry and hot with low precipitation. In July the average temperature is about 28-32 °C. Winters are usually dry and mild with little snow, although sometimes dump and cold in northern parts of the country. In January the temperature ranges from +4°C in the south to -5°C in the northeast. In winter the almost constant winds from Kazakhstan bring cold masses and in summer hot masses of air from the mountains can cause the sandstorms.



The traditional Turkmen art includes jewelry, leather making, ceramics and felt manufacture. Embroideries, women’s dress and decoration are also developed in the country, but the most beautiful and unique craft is carpet making.

Turkmen carpets with different patterns and colors are famous all over the world. Carpet weaving is an ancient form of applied art reflecting people’s life. The distinctive pattern and peculiarity of each tribe are shown in carpets.

Turkmen carpets

Turkmen folk culture and traditions are expressed in carpet weaving. This form of folk art has a great history of many centuries. Many explorers travel in Central Asia reveal Turkmen carpets in their reports of Silk Road trips. The beauty and quality of carpets were mentioned by Italian traveler Marco Polo in one of the chapters of his book. He wrote about the finest and original carpets of red and other beautiful colors. Turkmenistan carpets are the result of creative and hard work of many generations of people. Turkmen carpets are beautiful and distinguished work of art manufactured by women mostly out of silk and cotton.

The methods of carpet making have been modernized, but the quality reminds. Some of the carpet patterns are duplicated on national dress and ceramics. Traditions and techniques of carpet making have been passed by many generations of people.

The last Sunday of May is the Carpet Day celebrated in Turkmenistan annually.