State center “Turkmenistan” TV

Almost every hotel in Turkmenistan is connected with publicly claimed invention as television. Dozens of different radio and TV channels to get blue screens of residents and guests of the country through the National Television and Radio center “Turkmenistan”. The total length of this tower is more than two hundred meters, being one of the tallest buildings in the country.


The unique architectural design


The process of building a television center began in 2008. Local authorities, who wished that every tour operator in Turkmenistan received another tourist magnet, attracted the best architects and designers in Turkey. Oriental architects decided to build a radio-center in the form of a 5-pointed star Oguz Khan. Designers so successfully entered the geometric shape in the overall landscape of the city, the experts of the International Guinness World Records have decided to bring the Turkmen television center in your publication.


Local architects have provided many nuances associated with the facility security. For example, the height and placement of the television broadcasting center above sea level is more than 1 kilometer that could adversely affect its operation. Specially for this purpose the builders provided stabilizers that can extinguish all manifestations of seismic activity.


Multifunctional Center


Contrary to popular belief that such buildings should deal exclusively with the delivery of “pictures” to millions of blue screens, the national RTC “Turkmenistan” and serves as a great place to meet. At the height of the twenty-ninth floor is a revolving restaurant with a breathtaking view of the city. The architects involved in the construction of the restaurant, tried to connect to it better planning and modern architecture of the ancient traditions.