Jungle-cat (Felis chaus) — representatives Amu Darya district fauna. Considered that he is one of best hunters, real threat to various types of feathered creatures. His undeniable visiting-card is speed, adroitness, quietness. Another mentioned places permanent guest reckoned jackal, whose roar audible around many meters. Among locals there goes popular belief, jackals yell only during excellent weather threshold. Unfortunately, scientists still, did not succeed find sufficient confirmations confirming about these animels exceptional meteorological characteristic. Try heave up your head, then on numerous trees branches will be seen different founa emblematic:





Pheasant et cetera.

All them learned use local features in order build houses, furthermore continue family. Native inhabitants engaging in hunt, studied every beast or bird habits long time ago. They know, for example, that pheasants like leave in morning, doing food searching. Practically, almost all Turkmenistan hotels ready suggest to holiday-makers a thematic tour. Inspite of fact that regional lands’ nature generously enough endowed animals, men its riches, beasts and birds thet for years lived on certain territory can some fine day sharply disappear. If river would flood definite territories or simply decide change river-bed someday, birdies and beasties shell follow it.