Turkmenea is rich in sights, Kora-Bagaz bay and very ancient Uzboy river-bed belong to them . In country there are many caves striking beauty, including Karlyuk cavities stationing oneself in Western of range Kugitang-Tau, where more than sixty halls, corridors presented. Each of them ready tell tourists quite bit, it, therefore necessary choose conflagrant or individual tours, so could examine everything. Going through pages over suggestions of Turkmenia travel packages, you would certainly pay attention toward volcanos presence here. In Turkmenia hotels you can be suggested join excursion in Chalsu, where freshwater crabs colonies dwells, simulteneously pistachio forests grow, or drop by surprizing Er-Oylan-Duz cavity, that surrounded by clay precipice approximatly 300 meters high, filled with salt lake, dozing volcanos.

Turkmen were always able value horses, since long time back, considered them their friends, accordingly this countery appears famous for skillful horsemen. Love to stallions this people remained even to our times. Ahaltekin – rapid like wind, it mostly unique racehorse breed round world showing off on state armorial bearings. Those calts not only beautiful but strikingly enduring. Tourist packagess propose presumably twenty equestrian routes. Everyone will be offered pass practically entire domain on breath-taking graceful animals, go round all picturesque steppe, mountain localities.

Additionally, Turkmenistan tour operators may suggest route along Karakum towards well-known channel, most enormous artificial riverbed, where you too, shall be able visit rock shelters, dinosaurs plateau. But everybody must prepare beforehand, because air temperature inside thet locality exceptionally high-heating.