Scientists have long drawn attention to a number of paradoxes surrounding Amu Darya ecosystem. First, river always generously supplied farmers’ fields providing useful substances. Only few large rivers spills could provide good harvest per year, and, therefore, income. Secondly, increased salts content in river-stream should negatively affect existing vegetation. Regardless this, local nature not just adapted to escalated temperature, but also multifarious elements presence under water. If somebody look at various news, maybe listen to Ashgabat tour operators, present issue is given lot deliberation. Despite significant thermal reading fluctuations in summer months, territorial hearbs don’t experience life-giving moisture lack.

Tugai has its individual self-sufficient ecologycal system. Main plants here are poplars, whose height can reach almost eight meters. Trees leavs distinguished by thick structure, rounded shape. As rule, such greenery very difficult bend without breaking them simultaneously. Another poplar kind herein diverse above mentioned fellow. Its leafs, having blue hue, differ in contours, relating with willow leaves. When wind gust blows hereaways, swinging leves seem silvery. Most hardwoods compiling stable bionetwork completely or partially woven with vines. This vegetal called “oriental lomonos.” You’d additionally find loch named Jida by locals. Quite tiny shrubbery differentiated by rather thin branches, which almoust constantly directed toward ground. If someone comes hether in spring, he’ll certainly enjoy thet enchanting undergrowth aroma. Comparing  appearance, lochs fruts resemble well known to everyone – olives. According inhabitants, thes fruits bring healing power. That’s why inside native kitchen there are plenties culinary creations, including similar berries. Numerous scientific studies helped establish that beries really give beneficial effect onto human body:

Contribute lower blood pressure;

Improve bowels function;

Relieve nervous tension, so forth.

Some may surely meet famous osiers, tugay, tamanis. Meanwhile, it worth noting like togai tofield characterized by complete vegetetion lackage. Next, an exclusively bare earth, covered by small quantity of fallen leafes. Tugei fabulous for ability hide from majority birds eyes, animals living within thise parts. Burning Turkmenistan trips will help you get to know all diversity on your own.