We know evident fact Turkmen travel packages widely distributed nowdays. Despite actuality that Turkmenistan tours potential is rather large, visa-policy here very inconvenient for travelers. In order visit Turkmanistan, you should apply for an endorsement, and entry permit herein is assigned on invitations basis (issued by Migrational Turkministan Service). Turkmien visa-credentials can also be obtained directly at airport, but there’re risks: visa-testimonial may be refused, deported to their home country. There’s a very high visa’s denials number to CIS traveling agencies. This is due to  internal commonwealth policy.

All foreign nationals who resently arrived at Turkminestan for more than three days obliged register with State Turkmenisten Immigrational Servicing. Furthermore arriving, registered on spot by hotel staff. Countr’s visitors are given special certificates, which must be kept with them. If someone arrives Turkimenistan for less than three days, he doesn’t need registration. In order approuch border areas, you supposed obtain especial permition. As for criminal indicator, it’s at lowest level. Don’t carry too valuable things or extremly tremendous money sums, but in general, Turkmeniston’s quite safe. If you have some questions left, any Turkmenian tour operator capable find authoritative answers.

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