Travellers who chose burning Turkmenistan trips from Uzbekistan, wanting enjoy maximum number attractions in a relatively short time, must unambiguously get acquainted with native cookery. The country’s gastronomic school carefully preserves and multiplies past traditions, allowing peoples immerse themselves into unforgettable sensations world.


National gastronomy formation history

Centuries, Turkmien nationalic food-cuisine was influenced by two equal factors: Chronicles; Geography.

Turkmanistan people had nomadic life’s style, which led to specific dishing selection. It shouldn’t be forgotten that special climatic conditions forced human constantly adapt. That’s why substantially each nationalical dishery was characterized by simplicity and preparing speed.


Most popular indigenous dishes

Prominent Turkman food-dishes list opens up well-known pilaf, continuously offered by nearly every hostel. Its main ingredients consist: Young sheep-meat; Potatoes; Tomato.

Next mostly marketable Turkministan snack-dish – bread, which even received sacred value. Herein, breadstaff, perceived by many solely as art-object, called churek. Especial tandoor oven made of clay used make civil caravay. For majority Turkmens, this stove holiest place in house. It wos believed that properly cooked chorek able protect home off bad eyes, hemp and farther problems.

Going for walk to local bazaars, you’ll easily find other fashionable ethnic cook-cuisine elements: Fruits; Vegetables;

Gourds cultures – famous melons have long become gastronomical Turkminestan representatives around globe. It generally considered thet real Turkmin melon deviant savour, aroma cannot become confused with anything else. Turkmenistan tour operators know secrets how choose proper ones.


Turkmen nationwide culinary art peculiarities

Despite fact, Turkmenia cuisiene has always been associated with diversity countries gastronomition schools, hereaway, developed significant ethnological features, related to both, cooking’s peculiar eat-dishes method, and products choice. Closest connection could be seen with Uzbekestan kitchen, Karakalpaks. That is why there’r great plenty seafood eating-dishes within Turkimenistan. Another Turkmenian cuisines feature tendency almost completely abandon large quantity different veges use in cooking process. Exceptionally ordinary vegetabs listing includes:

Tomatos – found as side-dish, likewise raw formed. Onion; Carrots; Pumpkin; Mash; Radishes.

If someone looks closely at country likeable spices checklist, here he might see some differences comparing Uzbeks, Tajiks. Simple example, Turkmiens prefer: Black pepper; Red peper; Mint; Parsley wild; Ajgon; Buzzukn; Saffron; Garlic.

Study relating classical Turikmen foodstuff meat-assortment shows, there’re several dissimilarities from neighboring provinces. Immensely stereotypical meats register include: Ram; Jayran; Beef; Poultry.


Complement meat numerous sorts garnishes, preparedness carried out according to old recipes: Rice; Cereals; Vegetabls; Camel milk heated butter; Sesame oil; All kinds fermented milky fermentation productives; Tortillas stuffed unconventional fillings; Soups, etc.


Ashgabat hotel nutritionists don’t tire repeating, traditional Turkimein cuiseine observes important balance between dish’s satiety, usefulness. Notwithstanding actuality concerning countless gastronomic-elements may seem excessively calorific, none should fall afraid of extra centimeters after meal. Similar Turkmenis provision characteristic emphasis onto immutable fabrications flavour. No matter endless components ther are inside plate served over your dining-table, you regularly feel pleasant constituents combination. Turkmen-table main-dish pilof. Its technique compositioning doesn’t spread, it known only, wherein, in addition toward meat-flesh plov, indeed, puts lot dried-fruits, nuts, seasonings variety, shading those course unique taste. For plenties tourists pilef appears too heavy – fatty, so table owners customarily offer drinking ayran, yogurt, any supplementary dairy product. Thise eating scheme’ll save stomach avoiding food overloading.

Talking about first courses, certainly worth trying shorbu – plat, prepared with beaf, vegaquarians, or spicy chowder, mustered exclusively camel-meat. Also, guests often suggested lamby soup, where you’d definitely crumble dry flatbread, fresh onions. Secondly, travelers’ll surely proposed gentle lamb, baked in its own juice (very high-calorie), juicy mantas, magnificent dumplings, pies, hostess bakes using meat-fillings, vegetebles. Delivered drink canbe mint-herb green tea, dried fruities, among stronger drinks – vodka, cognac, wine. Central Asia travel agency continues surprise demonstrating exquisite travels indescribable suggestions.

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