Turkmenia tourism: tourists safety issues

Staying in any country means respecting norms and conduct-rules, allowing exclude various conflict situations both,  regarding current legislation standards violations, likewise relationship with locals. Turkministan, being nation  possessing reverent attitude to ancestors traditions, also has a obligatory rules number. Thus, if anyone acquired last- minute Turkmenistan travel offers, let him find little time studying such regulations.

Turkmenian guests preservation bases

Turkmien police honor, country-settlements majority differs comparing extremely low crime rate, however, doesn’t mean that  here it’s possible show absolute carelessness. Most widespread conduction directives are following:

Diverse documents, values should be carried with themselves without fail;

Constant keeping eye on bag;

Refuse idea have essential money sums with yourself. More expedient leave on plastic card;

Visiting mass people congestion places, necessariely watch personal belongings. As rule, probability fall pickpockets  victim herein remains high;

Avoid night-time walks, especially assuming you’re not sure, you’ll be able beat off offenders.

Planing visit settlement located near border zone, for this purpose two things needed: first, necessary get official  permission in local authorities. Secondly, you’re obliged become accompanied by state attendant. Non-performance these  requirements threatens serious consequences. Our case much easier, joining planed holyday trip, agency provides numerous  services, Turkmen tour operator perfectly solves your questions.

Residents communication features

Turkmon culture specific place held by heart-to-heart talks, nevertheless, some compulsory ordinances present, which  performance helps shun unpleasant predicaments:

Forbidden discuss, criticize work “Rukhname”;

Prohibited speak negatively about statue “All Turkmens father”, locating inside Turkmenisten capital center;

Banned carry-on diversity talk upon political subjects;

Forbiden dispute, denigrating S. Niyazov commonwealth governing era.

Turkminestan, considered traditional Muslim sovereign-state, established dozen desideratums including behavior principles  dictated by religion. Therefore, coming for walk, demanded bypass excessively provocative dresses necessarily. Whenever  someone visits country-province during religious holidays, strongly recommended study their specialities, ignoring don’t  provoke disagreement.

Turkmenis individual hygiene guidelines

Practically, Ashgabat hotels offer lodgers bottled water thet caused not so great desire increase budget revenues, but  vacationers health care. It suggested understand, practicly, Turkmanistan aqua quality far not best. It denotes, hereaway  it feasible use only well boiled-water or shop bought. Furthermore, mandatory remember, appropriated vegetables, fruits  must be washed up carefully, rinsed afterwards. Suppose you plan eat food in public catering institutions, order cooled  drinks with-out additioning food-ice. Within Turkmenestan foody-ice made of low-slung hygienic characteristics liquid.