Traveling in Turkmenia, through country that has retained indigenous flavor, reflected in numerous paintings, crafts, keepsakes,so forth, anybody definitely wishes acquire something what you’ve seen toward your home state. An unusual gift you liked at market or in-store may bring a lot problems, especially if unfollow simple rules:

Beware of buying unaccustomed relic-souvenirs from multitudinous street vendors. Good chance you’ll have go towards specialized government agency, obtain certificate about  purchased souvenir historical or artistic value absence. Without mentioned document, everyone runs risk becoming close attention subject upon country’s customs-authorities part;

Deeply recommended buy commemorative-souvenirs exclusively in specialical stores. Together with goods we get here necessary consultation, likewise compulsory documents providing smooth keepsake export off commonwealth;

If planning procure native mat, carpet, better do it in specialty-store. In alike case, no risks acquiring low-quality forgery;

Absolutely impossible take out of province Akhaltekin horse (argamak), however in shops very often there’re figurines, depicting identical beautiful creature.


National trading network features

Choosing Turkmenistan tour, don’t forget walk around prominent emporiums, markets, wherein atmosphere’s preserved Antiquity. Herein, anyone could redeem excellent ceramic whistles, well as heartly talismans. There goes belief, cornelian decoration gives its owner happiness, drives away evil spirits. There’s another popular remembrancer – Telpak. This is nationalic Turkmien headdress, manufactured of white sheep fur. Racenights, all carpets sorts can be included into most famous items list. Let’s say someone wants please yourself, maybe experience acquaintances with national-carpet, then, for cognate necessity stride toword brand-stores located nearby Ashabat bazaars. Also opportunity find them visiting Nationwide Carpet-Museum company section.

Tourists who want traditional Turkmen floor-covering, still don’t claim be authentic, matting can get bought within almost any realm’s locality. Mostly common materials for making mats – natural wool, felt, silk. If intention fetch few mattings, yet budget doesn’t allow, simply pay attentiveness to howl-carpets. On one hand, they’re produced of inexpensive material, on other hend, such carpetings quality isn’t inferior to expensive analogues.

Regardless where somebody buys drugget, be sure keep check, which he obliged show custom officers at sovereign-country departure time. It should stay remembered, floor coverings removal from Turkmanistan possible under strict compliance according two conditions:

Special tax paid ;

Druggets shouldn’t exceed fifty age years, represent no historic, artistical valuation.

If purchase made private store, must grant for carpet-examination in Interstate Tapestry Art hall. Only after receiving sealed examination results, person able transmit rug. Everybody might discover things in hotel, because many Ashgabat hotels contain small souvenir-shops.