Traditional national kerchief

туркменский платок

Customary Turkmen headscarf has long been more than just a women’s headgear. Each pattern, its size and even color had special meaning. It was given to newlyweds, used as gifts package, actually it could be gift itself. Head-scarf also utilized during native competitions, where men competed in agility, strength, skill. Winner became the one that will become able get hedscarf. Nowdays, such tournaments attract lot tourists, so almost every Turkmenistan tour operator is ready organize especial trip for everyone.

Wedding shawl

In conventional Turkmens rituals, each detail plays truly sacred role. If you are interested in an ethnographic jorney to Turkministan, you can easily see yourself thet here contemporaries honor past generations rites. For example, suppose someone goes toward any village, it easy witness traditienal wedlock ceremony. All neighbors carry honeymooner various presents:

Diverse victuals wrapped in specialized headcarves;

Multifarious decorations brought;

Peculiar garments sewn;

Turkman culture head-shawl not only traditionary headdress, nevertheless, important symbol. First, they decorated bride’s weding motorcade. Secondly, meanwhile men’s championships, that-one who managed grab hold of headscorf wos considered worthy girl’s hand. Wedlock-ceremony guests didn’t forget about shawl-scarf either. Every girl or woman had to come wearing brightest, elegant headscurf. Scarcely true legend connected with headscarvs. In ancient times, in order  prevent evil spirits against harming future family, headkerchief was applied as talisman. Within marriage procession movement from brid’s house to groom’s home, any person encountered wes given little hand-kerchief, othrwise bright cloth piece. Today, this tradition continued existing, although in slightly altered form. Durings nuptial solemnity, guest handed small sudarium. If you’d want enjoy old hymeneal formal courtesy, there’re dissimilar Turkmenistan hotels offering flexible pricing policies.